Friday, August 26, 2011

Our Weekly Triumphs (Accomplishments)

Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers

We did a little of everything this week.  The boys worked on Grammar, Science (both life and physical), Teaching Textbooks, spelling, US for our upcoming review of BIG
Some friends offered to allow us to pick some corn from their garden.  We jumped at the chance because most of the kids love corn on the cob.

Joey will not eat corn on the cob....but he enjoyed picking the corn.

We also did our first Big Bag of Science experiments.  This is part of the Timberdoodle Preschool Curriculum.  We are working our way through all the experiments this year.  Caty will be officially home next year, no more therapy preschool.  So we have Caty school planned almost daily and she is getting to know all of Lydia's club also.

Be Amazing Toys Big Bag Of Science

It was the Fizzy Science activity that included mixxing of colors.  Each of the kids picked out a new "Science Journal" so they could draw pictures of what we did or write out what we do each week.  All of them drew

Caty and I are working on number recogition.  She can count to 20, but just making sure she associates the number with actual counting.

The excitement in our town today.  Fortunately no one was living in this house.  We heard sirens and smelled smoke.  The smell left and we thought, well there is nothing we can do.  Fire must be fairly close, but didn't see anything out our windows.  Lydia and I kept working on her American Girl project.  A little bit later we heard more sirens, and after the third round we went into the driveway.  We saw the street blocked off a few blocks from our house.  So the girls and I got our shoes on and took a walk.  They just chopped the roof and upstairs windows open and flames shot out the back.

You can see the fireman on the roof.  They used big saws to cut through the roof.  Two area towns has their fire departments here, for a total of 3 fire departments on hand battling this blaze.  No one was hurt and with all the extra help, the houses around this one were safer.  They were also able to trade out fireman so they could stay hydrated because of the intense heat.
 We were able to have some great fire safety talks while watching.  What an experience to bring on educational opportunities!!!

We had some weird doctor appointments with the boys.  So one day this week, we didn't school as much.  It was a worksheet day.  Then we went to the library and checked out some different books.  And went Geocaching.  Here's Lydia digging around in the stump for the cache box.

Daddy and the girls found it!!

Brayden is totally freaked out by anything flying near him.  Joey likes geocaching, but he got tired.  Brayden wanted back in the van, a butterfly was too close to him.  Be aware that future outdoor pictures will most likely resemble this :(!

We didn't get to finish hieroglyphics.  But finished quite a bit of other necessary work.  We did talk about pirates and watched some piratey stuff on Netflix.  Caty, Lydia and I went on a field trip with our American Girl Club yesterday to a local historical museum.  Lydia and I started an American Girl project for our next girl, Felicity.  We watched the movie, now we just need to start reading the book.  She has a Girl Scout book to finish this next week too. 

She did ask if we could change our phonics schedule a bit, and so we agreed on a new one.  We are going to work on it the next few weeks and see how it goes.

Everyone have a wonderful week!!!

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  1. Sounds like a great week! We love the Timberdoodle Big bag of Science ... my DS 5 is using it this year and it is so much fun .... his frist question daily is are we doing an experiment? What Fun!! B;essings, Lisa

  2. So sad about the house on fire but very cool for the kids to see it. It really helps bring home the fire safety message when they see it first hand.

  3. Looks like a very fun and exciting week!