Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Volcano unit

We were inspired by a fellow blogger and her generous package.  When the kids saw the Volcanic Ash they were so excited that we just had to study volcanoes!!!

These are some of the other materials we used, along with an episode of Raging Planet on volcanoes and another Planet Green episode on the 2010 erruption in Iceland.

Our lapbook was a combination of Enchanted Learning sheets and Homeschool Share pre-made flaps.

We graphed which country has the most volcanoes.

Learned about different types of rocks and lava.  Also about the Ring of Fire area of the world.

We used a hard boiled egg to show the layers of the earth.  Again a great visual for those learners!!!

We of course had to build a volcano.  Not the greatest work structurely, but the kids liked it.

We combined some history using our Ancient Science Experiment book.  Apparently Ancient Egyptians created their own glue by boiling animal flesh.  Well we didn't go that route.  But we used milk, vinegar and baking soda.

We soured the milk and then separated the curd.

Then we mixed baking soda into the curd.  It was very cool to see the baking soda foam up from the vinegar coated curd.

This is what we used for glue to create our volcano above.

 We found a tough puzzle that is a diagram of the earth.  We finally got it together, before total frustration happened.

And then the most awesome activity....Erupting our volcano!!!

Just baking soda, vinegar and food coloring to make it look read.

They all thought it was awesome!  No one even complained about the vinegar smell (which isn't normal).

Of course....they should try to baking soda and vinegar mixture either.  Joey didn't like it.

Lydia wasn't sure.

And Caty didn't like it either.

Our videos used:

Raging Planet-Triple Pack (the ones on volcanoes)

National Geographic - Volcano!


  1. Great unit! We are talking about dinosaurs right now and the state of Hawaii...and hitting on volcanoes briefly, we'll be doing a really simple volcano tomorrow actually! ;) I can't wait to take my kids to the Big Island to see the volcanos, but that will probably be in another year or two :D

  2. So glad you were able to use the volcano stuff:) Looks like your children learned tons:)