Thursday, September 22, 2011

American Girl Club - First Felicity at home project

Welcome to Felicity's World, 1774 (American Girl)

We have finished book 1 and starting book 2.  We will be a bit behind for tomorrow's meeting, but still working at catching up by the October meeting.  I have been researching colonial projects for the girls and I to do at home together.  Our first project was making a Pomander Ball.

We used apples, whole cloves, powdered cinnamon, fabric and ribbin to create our sachets.

The word pomander dates from the Middle Ages corruption of the French pomme d'ambre, literally, apple of amber. A container the size and shape of an apple (usually of metal or wood and pierced with holes) was filled with ambergris or spices and hung from somewhere on the person either to ward off harmful vapors, which were believed to cause disease, or to ameliorate the effects of the infrequent personal hygiene habits of the Middle Ages.
This was a good smelling and sticky project.  Now to enjoy the beautiful apple, cinnamon and clove scent!

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  1. I'm been pondering doing this kind of club for a while with my daughter and a few friends, but I'm just SO busy with Scouts and Sports that I don't think I would do it justice! I love seeing how others are making American Girl come alive though! Such a great resource!