Friday, September 9, 2011

Homeschool Mother's Journal - Week 13

In my life this week.....Been stressing a bit about our upcoming trip to Tennessee.  Just the little things like packing, making sure the pets are ready and the house is clean. I hate leaving my house for any length of time and it be messy.  It drives me crazy.  I know it's cluttered, but messy drives me crazy!  Yeah a bit OCD, and that's bad for someone who has no energy and already busy with the kids.  But then the van quit...yes AGAIN!!  So our trip to Tennessee is now postponed for a few days because the van won't be back by the time we wanted to head out.  Changes our plans around a bit and also changes our schedule up some too.  I have so many dates planned down for field trips and coops...not alot of wiggle room at times.  Oh well.....hoping for better news from the mechanic tomorrow.

In our homeschool this week.....

We worked on our projects for World Travelers Club this week. This month's country was Greece.  The kids chose to do their projects on Ancient Greek topics.  They always want to choose different topics.  For Austraila the boys chose to talk about dinosaur fossils that had been found there.

Lydia is working on phonics and word families.  She is fighting about doing school work.  But it's amazing to watch her eyes light up when she has discovered that she has read a word.  We just got an opportunity to review a new online product, so I am hoping to use this online game as an incentive for her to finish her work. 

We started our new music curriculum this week.  I was nervous about the boys interest, but it went really well this week.  Even Brayden got up and tried to catch a beat listening to a Gregorian chant.  It was great!

What's working for us......

We had another family game time last night and it was fun to play new games with the kids.  Brayden had fun playing Sequence Letters and Joey & Lydia learned about Chinese Checkers.  Caty was a little out for both games, so I let her "help" me play. 

The girls are also getting into coloring during quiet time.  I love to color...and keep my own set of crayons.  I so looked forward to coloring with my kids.  Glad I finally get too.

I have a slight addiction to watching Pawn Stars on the History Channel right now.  Joey is getting into it also, and loves to sit with me and watch the episodes.  I am trying to figure out how to count this show for History and Life Skills (learning how to deal).  lol...maybe someday.  But like the hubby said, Joey is going to remember us sitting and watching this show.  Just like I remember watching Dukes of Hazard with my parents!!!

Where we are going and what we are doing.....

We didn't do much this week.  Tried to finish up some painting that we are behind on.  I was going to run to the library before we went to Tennessee but with no vehicle...we could not do it.  Lydia and I though did go to the Humane Society and clean the kitty free roam room.  And Brayden had an EKG and bloodwork done for his med check.  Pretty uneventful week for us.

Things I'm working on.....

Still working on arranging our schedule to balance with Special Olympics, Agility Therapy, and Joe's traveling schedule. 

Been working on several reviews, September will be packed with them.  Watch for all the cool stuff we are getting to play with and learn with also. 

What I am reading.....

I haven't had much "outside" reading time.

I am reading the new book club book for the local news station.

Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption

I'm cooking.....

Still trying to keep up on the Paleo diet.  We have not reached 100% most days.  Today happened to be a 100% paleo food day for me.  The hubby ate bread with his steak burger though...and I think he ate pizza rolls for lunch. food intake was 100% paleo, still can't find a Pepsi substitute.  Working on it though.  I am trying out a new menu planning site the next couple weeks, so I am going to try and make the recipes Paleo-friendly to help us out.  Still don't know if I can give up my rice yet.  Still like rice.  And the hubby still loves his chips and salsa.  Watch for the upcoming Emealz review.

Favorite moment this week......

Had a few favorite moments this week.  Lydia discovering that she can read words made her just beam.  Love it!!  But playing games with the kids was fun and having Joey get excited about watching something that is non-animated made me happy too. 

Picture of the week......

He is posing with the pieces we had just made for his project on Ancient Greece.  He picked the project out himself from our History Pockets book.  It is VERY difficult.  And rather creepy because they actually used animal bones for this game of skill....yuck! 

Love his cheesy grin!!!

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