Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Pizza Shop tour......

So Lydia is always telling me how boring her days are....Seriously....boring?!?!!?  I have the pictures to prove that they are not.  No we may not have Justin Bieber performing live in our house daily...but life is not totally boring!

Today I heard the words...."This is soooo coool!!!"  "This is the Best ever!!!!"  I should have had the video camera going to catch that all on tape!

We arranged a Field trip to a local Pizza shop that uses a Brick oven.....boy the smell killed me.  Since I am not eating just about everything offered....I got to watch enviously as everyone enjoyed the yummy smelling food.  Oh well, the company and smiles were enough for me to enjoy the day too.  Here are the highlights from our trip!

Making their own pizzas.  Here they are stretching the dough.

The reason she wasn't allowed to wear her new outfit!

The oven was 611 degrees F.

Lydia's pizza cooking

This was so neat to see the crust cook up in those incredibly high temps.

Adding the garlic butter

Serving her pizza.

Putting together their boxes.

This was so neat.  We are going to arrange another trip with our homeschool group, since this one was for her Girl Scout Troop.  We are soooo grateful to the wonderful staff at Mama Theresa's
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  1. Ooh we did this for our kids last year and they had a blast rolling out the dough and making their one pizza:) Could you double check your link up on the Field trip hop as it takes me to a Timber doodle site and not this post:( I don't want someone to miss it on the Field trip hop:).