Thursday, September 8, 2011

World Travelers Club - Greece

We joined a wonderful club started in our homeschool group called World Travelers Club.  Each month we look at a specific country in the world and can choose any topic that the kids would like to learn.  I offer suggestions and let the kids choose what they would like to learn.

This month:


We had already looked at Greece last year during our World Geography study.  So I was a bit shocked when no one chose any of the projects we already completed in regards to Greece.  They actually looked at Ancient Greece, which is fine since we will be studying more about Ancient Greece while using Story of the World this year.

Here's our projects for this month:

Joey---Athena (since he really likes the Percy Jackson movie and we visited the Parthenon replica in Nashville where the 41 foot statue is on display)
Brayden---Ancient Greecian game of Knucklebones (we made fake bones from Crayola Modeling Clay)
Lydia---Ancient Greecian Wedding Ceremony

We also learned about some of the actual geography of Greece using the Enchanted Learning booklets.  And we also talked briefly about the origin of the Olympics.

Now hopefully our van is done (it quit and had to be towed) so we can actually attend the first club meeting....go figure.