Friday, October 14, 2011

Our weekly Triumphs and Accomplishments

Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers

What a week.  I know as homeschoolers, many of us are worried that we get enough education time with our kids.  It's hard sometimes to find a balance, but I tracked our actual school hours last year and we logged about 400 hours more than required by the state of Ohio.  So I have been trying to be relaxed about things....and this was one of those weeks to try hard.  There is some weird stomach bug that cycled through and has lasted a little over a week now.  And then there are bad colds also....Ugh!  I felt like dipping myself in a full sized tub full of santizer every couple hours.  I have already been feeling icky from a bad infection and a medication reaction.  I actually went 72 hours with nothing but liquids because of the stupid reaction....I was starting to get a huge amount of brain fog!

We chugged along on Phonics and nouns.  There was some fall alphabetizing and measuring....lots of measuring.  The boys went through inches and half-inches.  Struggled a bit in the half-inch area...but they will catch more with practice next week.

We have heard about grave rubbings and Lydia is hoping to go with some girls from her American Girl Club, but Joey wouldn't go with us that day.  So we went to a local cemetary and did rubbings of 3 gravestone that belong to our own family.  We followed the rules.  We also had a wonderful discussion about history and family. 

We played in the leaves..

We finished our Fall Autumn Treasures unit.  Our fall unit is a whole separate post!!

And Lydia worked away at place value in the ones and tens.  Next week we introduce 100s.

The boys and Lydia all had handwriting in either Draw Write Now or a daily copywork from Homeschool Bits on October Facts. 

The boys and I started to read the Stink books series.  The boys are very stuck in their reading preferences, and I want to expand them out a bit.  Brayden seems stuck in Early readers, but is capable of early chapter books.  Joey is addicted to Graphic Novels like Transformers and I found a Mickey mouse one this last trip to the library.  Every day we read a chapter together.  We take turns reading out loud.  They like the book so far. 

Lydia and I listened to American Girl Felicity Audio book this week.  We finished Book 2 and started Book 3.  It was nice to listen and have little talks with her about the books and that time period.  When we got home, we looked up the dancing styles of that time and why a dance master was important.  And why the girls were so nervous about getting their dancing right.  Youtube had some video clips we could watch of people dancing the various styles from the 18th century.  It was neat to watch.

Lydia also had her first zoo homeschool class of the year.  For some reason I can't get the pics off my phone...go figure.  But she had a fun time and can't wait until next month when they talk about Animals of the Arctic.

Everyone have a great week.....linking up with other homeschool moms.


  1. Looks like a GREAT week....I'm looking forward to some big leaf piles in our yard (just not raking them!)

  2. Despite your sicknesses, it sounds like you had a productive week. We love the Draw Write Now books in our homeschool too! Thanks for sharing your week with us at NOBH!