Monday, November 21, 2011

American Girl Felicity Project & Colonial American Educational Quilt

We finished our Colonial America - Felicity Quilt.  This week we learned about some courageous acts of women during the Revolutionary War...since Felicity was full of courage!  And also why the American Revolution took place and what kind of medicine/medical techniques.

 We then colored each square to add a little 'something'.  Lydia and I are going to put this under contact paper and save this for a possible State Fair project.

For our project this week, we made a rag doll.  Out of actual dish rags.
doll.JPG (20607 bytes)
I needed to buy some new dishclothes, so I bought an extra big pack.  But they were too small for the rag dolls.  So I ended up sewing them together.  A different color for each girl.

 This was a bit difficult for the girls to tie and hold on to each arm.  But we had fun with this.

We used yarn to tie our dolls up.

One more Felicity activity next week.  And then we have a luau for Kanani.  We will have a post for our project for her.  In January we start meeting about Josefina.


  1. I love the quilt! Such a great idea!

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