Saturday, November 12, 2011

Felicity - American Girl Colonial Project and Quilt

For our Colonial Project this week, we made dip candles.
 Joey wanted to do this project also.

This project took an enourmous amount of patience, and a fan blowing directly on them to cool the wax just a bit quicker.  (BTW....we used palm wax, which a healthy alternative to soy and regular wax candles)

This is our finished candles.  The kids were excited. 
For our quilt square, we talked about "How they cooked?"   They didn't really have big ovens and microwaves.  That required electricity.

I may need to print some more pictures to cover the empty spaces.  And I am thinking we need to make a trip back to Fort Meigs so she can see an open cooking area like the top picture.  Get a real feel for how they cooked.

We also watched the movie again while working on these projects.  I just want to say how disappointed I was at the way they changed the movie so much from the books.  We had finally finished all 6 books this time.  The first time we watched the movie, it was before we started the books.  So I didn't realize the massive amount of changes that were made.

Next week, we will be working on Games that the kids played and toys they had to keep entertained.  We will be making a Game of Graces and a dishrag doll.

Have a great week!

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