Friday, November 11, 2011

Homeschool Mothers Journal - Week 22

In my life this week…
It has been another busy week in our house!  I would be hard-pressed to find a homeschool family that doesn't have busy weeks almost every week though.  This week was particularly busy with doctor appointments, Goodwill Field trip, early morning (5:30 am) med checks, zoo class, guitar lessons, World Travelers Club, ballet and my own CT scan.  Oh, and I forgot their local bird class at Side Cut Metro (I will post that field trip this weekend).  This is the first week in a while where I made double trips to Toledo (Which is about a 45 minute one-way trip on a good day with no traffic).  We were not environmentally friendly, but I am proud that we did not eat out this week at all.  Lunches were packed with leftovers or whatever they chose.

We were excited to see our blog on the Nominee list for Best Variety Homeschool Blog.
In our homeschool this week…
Busy...busy....we finished our brief look at New Zealand for World Travelers Club.   The kids each finished a project that represented New Zealand for them.  We worked on bones in Science and watched a video on Germs and Healthy Habits. 

Lydia is flying through Reading Eggs.  And they are all working on basic geography skills.  Joey is really liking the LEGO Lapbook that he is working on.  I am trying to create a guitar lapbook this weekend for him to let him learn more about the acoustic guitar and guitar musicians.

Brayden is sliding through daily work....he is very obsessed right now with certain games.  But at least he is participating in most activities.  The others, I threaten to take away his Ipad and DS.
Helpful homeschooling tips or advice to share…

I wish I had helpful advice to share.  A tip that worked for us this week, was cutting out Joey's lapbook sections and having them all ready for him to write in the information. This allowed him to work on certain sections independently, but with a short attention span, he was able to finish work with out being frustrated and feeling overwhelmed about cutting and filling in the information.  Some days cutting frustrates him horribly.  I wanted him to have fun, yet still learn with this study unit.

We need to work more with him on researching topics independently.  I think it's time to pull back out Fact Monster again.
I am inspired by…

I have been going through the nominee list and voting for blogs.  There are some wonderful blogs out in the "Bloggy Galaxy"!!  I need to take notes on the creative--GENIUS that you homeschool mommies out there have!
Places we’re going and people we’re seeing…

Wow....I counted 6 trips to Toledo in 4 days.  That is a 45-60 minute drive from our home one-way.  The last two days I made trips in the morning and afternoon for field trips and clubs.  I may actually take a week off soon and only schedule us to have Geography for the week (because we cannot take long periods of time off..causes massive disruption).  This week just about killed me.  Good thing had the new van, it is soooo comfy and drives so nice.  And I didn't have to worry about being broken down somewhere.

The kids had a class at the Parks on birds and all-natural bird feeders.  They saw two does along the path just laying and staring at us!  They had World Travelers Club, a field trip to Goodwill, Zoo class, and tomorrow night is Ballet.  Why again is it called Homeschooling...if all we do is expose our children to life around them?!?!
My favorite thing this week was…

I had several good and bad times this week.  I don't think I can pinpoint one favorite moment. There was Joey saying "Pennsylvania" every time he saw the word "Polynesia".  The look on Lydia's face when they saw the deer right next to the walking path during their Park Class.  Or maybe it was sitting and talking with two other homeschool moms during Lydia's zoo class...with no kiddo interruptions!!  Maybe it was Caty munching down her cupcake tonight for National Cupcake Day....or possibly just watching Brayden obsess over puzzle books all evening.  (Did he realize the handwriting he was practicing?!?!?)
Things I’m working on…

This weekend we need to winterize the house.  Cover windows and a/c that we have been too busy to take care of this fall.  And we also are going to start a new cleaning schedule for the family.  I'm taking some FlyLady ideas and some things I want to try and working them with our family life.  So the boys room will be the first concentration level of the next week's cleaning schedule.  I want to clean each room out totally and be starting each room from fresh this week.  It may be too much for me to take on, but going to at least try.

I also want to create a lapbook for Joey to work on about acoustic guitars and famous acoustic musicians.  He is really enjoying guitar lessons.
I’m reading…

Daisy and the Girl Scouts: The Story of Juliette Gordon Low

Trying to help Lydia get ready for a State Fair Project, so I am reading early and then reading to her.
I’m cooking…

I have been trying to prepare my way to freezing meals.  Every two days I have been cooking two dinners while getting the kids breakfast or before school starts.  We are then able to eat on them for a few days.  I figure that I will try and start freezing meals coming up in the next couple weeks so that we will be able to have meals prepared ahead.  It will help with basketball season coming up.  

This week we had lasagna, Spanish rice, scalloped potatoes, fried chicken, and chili.  Joey has requested tacos next week.  So we will probably have tacos, fried shrimp, potato skins bar (where they fill their potato skins with their choice of toppings), Spanish rice (again), potato soup, chicken pot pie, veggie soup (to go with a book that we got from the library, homemade chicken strips and sauerkraut balls (for our Ohio meal) and make your own pizzas.  I need to work on the menu tonight.
I’m grateful for…

For my hubby!  He has been helping with the kids as I have been flying all over this week.  Thank you!!!
I’m praying for…

I was caught off guard today when Joey looked at me and asked if I remembered to pray today.  The concept of God has taken 11 years for him to grasp.  And now that he has, he has started asking many questions about how to live right and learn more about God.  He is catching us off-guard more and more each day with new concepts just clicking in his head!  So I am saying a thankful prayer for this turn of events!
A photo, video, link, or quote to share…

Playing with the camera during our nature walk with the Park Ranger.

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  1. Those pictures are gorgeous! The park class sounds terrific.

  2. nature walks are the best, aren't they? They have been my saving grace lately.

  3. Each week always presents a new challenge for me as to how I will handle being very busy and unexpected interruptions I like my days to go very planned and smooth but for the last 2 months that has not been possible I do not see things changing soon so I will have to just go with it and know that I am not alone in this wonderful adventure called my life.

  4. Lovely pictures! Love this time of year and all of it's beauty!!! SOunds like you guys had a great, busy week! Wonderful!

    Stopping by from the HMJ! Find me at

  5. What a great week:) Your nature photos are beautiful! I've done freezer meals in the past. I need to get back to it...I like knowing that we have extra meals put away for busy times.

  6. I love your tip about doing some of the tedious work for those with short attention spans. I have noticed that sometimes when a project takes too long, mine will get frustrated and either not finish when they need to, or run out of time. I'll be using this idea! Sometimes it's the simplest things!