Monday, November 28, 2011

Reality Television

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I try....try...and try harder, but I am drawn to reality TV.  I no longer am addicted to shows like Survivor.  But point the way to Storage Hunters or Storage Wars and I could sit and watch for hours....and hours.  My other weakness is Pawn Stars.  I want a Chumley shirt....he just cracks me up!  Of course so does the Old Man.  

But there is nothing like watching some person who wanted to be on the Jerry Springer show taking their frustration out on the poor repo guy as he is just doing his job.  Mistakes happen and people's lives get hard, but does that poor guy seriously need to be beaten with a stick for doing his job.  Do they deserve to be screamed at with obsenities?  Joe and I have both compared those repo shows to a Jerry Springer episode.

I like to watch reality shows like 19 Kids and Counting or even the Coupon show.  I still sit in awe of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar and how they have 19 Kids, and how many compliments they get on the behavior of their kids.  I have read their books, and although I personally will not be having that many children, I do respect their choice.  I like watching what other people are up to, and all the field trips that the family gets to go on.

Joe and I were both addicted to the reality show called The Colony.  We haven't seen a 3rd season appear yet, but wow it made us think, what would happen?  I admit that shows similar to this will really scare some people into hiding.  And we still wonder how the participants were able to think that things were that bad, when they started the show knowing it was an experiment.  I would really like to know how those people are doing now, after finishing each season.  Unfortunately, the reality of that show is that people will be that cruel to each other in order to "survive" themselves.

One other I forgot about was the spouse trading shows.  I mean, come on, were you really expecting that person to come in to your house and do everything the way you wanted it to be done.  You know going in that you will be paired with a family that is exactly opposite of your beliefs and way of life.  It showed that some people were truly open to new experiences, while others had minds that were as closed as locked doors.

Joe and I joked the other day that our life would make a funny reality show.  Never know what to expect in our house.  Things can go from sunny to rainy in the matter of a few minutes around here.  Would I truly want to be on a reality  Too many bad experiences that I have read about that happen to families, and it's mainly due to the media coverage.  It's a trade that these people and families have to deal with.  Even the Duggars live under a microscope and are ridiculed for their decisions.  And this is a "Christian" family that try to do good for everyone.  So no...don't want a reality show here.

I don't know why I am drawn in.  I'll keep watching reality TV as long as there are shows like Mythbusters and Pawn Stars.  There's some educational value to these programs, and it's entertaining as well.  Now if you don't mind, Storage Hunters is on and I need to watch Daryl and Brandy get into a bidding war again......