Sunday, November 6, 2011

What we are doing this week....

Another week begins....

Field trips this week....Joey and Lydia are going to take a class through the local parks department on Birds.  They are going to build a bird house also.  Lydia also has a trip to Goodwill to learn about reusing clothes.

Monday morning, Lydia has her pediatric surgeon appointment and a field trip to Goodwill.  Joey has Agility therapy this week.  And Wednesday Lydia has zoo class.....this week is going to be busy, busy, busy.  Wednesday alone we have 5:30 am appts for med checks in Toledo with the boys, then I drive home an hour....switch kids.  Get Lydia and run back an hour to Toledo for zoo class, and rush home for guitar lessons by 1 pm.  I may call our guitar teacher and move the appointment back an hour or so.  Thursday we have World Travelers Club in the pm, but I have a CT Scan in the am in Toledo.  So I will be driving to Toledo, home from Toledo and back to Toledo for WTC....I will most likely pass myself at some point on the  Most likely on Friday I will not be leaving the couch.

Thursday is National Cupcake Day, so I found a gluten/dairy/egg free recipe the kids and I are going to try Wednesday afternoon in anticipation.  We will also be making a dairy/egg/oat/gluten free version of the NZ/Aussie favorite of the Anzac Biscuit.  Both countries claim to have invented this treat.  But the recipe I found was created by a Kiwi chef and is made with quinoa.  Since there are so many allergies floating around our house (including the hubby who is not allowed oat), I was very excited to find it!

For schoolwork this week....we are going to learn about our new  Since we are going to be in the van so much this week, maybe I should find a lapbook on minivans!!  We'll be watching a lot of Magic School Bus Human Body dvd though.  The kids love that series.  And I won't feel as bad about them watching movies in the van.  I may even let Joey and Lydia bring their guitars on Tuesday to practice more, we'll have lots of waiting time between bird class and Agility.

And for those at home, I will have projects in their workboxes they can work on independently.  No seriously, for group projects the kids are going to continue working on their New Zealand projects for Thursday.  We will also be learning more about bones in science class.  If we can we are going to spend some time on Ohio for our state study, but most likely that project will happen Friday and carry into next week.  To avoid overload this week....on the kids and me!

The boys will be continuing their Math Mammoth unit on Time.  And work on Basic grammar as usual.  Joey is going to work on a LEGO lapbook that I found here.  He is going to be super excited when he sees this in his drawer.  It is actually an independent study for him. This will be the first time that I try to see if he can work through a short lapbook on his own.  Both boys will be working on their projects for World Travelers Club.  I am going to help them write up what they are going to talk about and hopefully have them type it up themselves this time.  But not sure how that will go.

Lydia is going to continue working on her garbage project and her Penguin project for both the Little Blue Penguin for New Zealand and for the zoo.  She is flying her way through Math U See, and is almost halfway done with Primer.  She started basic addition last week.  She will also continue with Reading Eggs.  She is really liking it so far.  My goal is to let her finish this program and then return to Headsprout and finish that one.   Sometime this week, we will be making candles or making rag dolls for our American Girl project.  And we will briefly talking about slavery in the colonies.  Grandpa just visited Philadelphia last week and brought them home some wonderful books on the Colonies, so we will be reading one of them together this week to help her understand colonization and the Revolutionary War more.

That's our plan.  Have a wonderful week!!!!

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