Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Workbox samples this week

We have workboxes all packed and ready to go for tomorrow.  On Wednesday, Lydia will not have workboxes exactly.  She has zoo class in the am, and the boys will have light schoolwork due to the early medication checks we have to be at.  Their appointments are at 5:30 am!!!  This doctor is really good and worth leaving our house at 4:30 am to get there though.  They will most likely be cranky and tired though.  So tomorrow is workbox day, and Wednesday will be Science afternoon.  We are going to watch an episode of Dirtiest Jobs that highlights germs and do a glitter germ experiment with handwashing.  (Borrowed that from my friend Sarah.)  

Caty's boxes:  Most of her boxes have two activities in them.  She can choose or do both.

Coloring with crayons on sandpaper.
 Writing and number workbook she likes.
 Purplinker and cutting/pasting worksheet.  And the Purpllinker from Timberdoodle.
 This box has a create puzzle from Target (got it in Michigan last fall) and geoboard with some design cards.
 This is what this puzzle looks like.  She can create different animals, mix them up or make the animals correctly with 3 different pieces.
 This box has more shape activities with the puzzle (she loves Team Umizoomi...so we call it that game) and a fishing game I found at Target last spring.
The dinosaur puzzle was a find from our Goodwill field trip yesterday.  Caty loves dinosaurs!!!  And then the Guidecraft Feel and Find game.

For Lydia:

Reading Eggs...and we added the next Biscuit book yesterday.  She really likes those easy readers!
 Of course Math U See....she is doing great learning the blocks and adding.  Working on remembering what signs mean in each problem.
 Abeka Letter sounds
 Grammar introduction.  She has worked on nouns, verbs, and I think adverbs is the next section.  Very easy explanation.
 Beginning Geography book.  Working on direction of N, E, S, W.
 Cut and paste for Lydia
 The kids like these two puzzle books for cutting and pasting....looking for more as they have finished almost both.
My Book Of Pasting (Kumon Workbooks)My Book of Pasting: Jigsaw Puzzles (Kumon Workbooks)
They are $6.95 a piece, and if you have an Educator's Discount card from Barnes and Noble...that's 20% off that price.  I love all the Kumon workbooks.

We are finishing our penguin project.  We are just going to talk about baby penguins and their nest.
American Girl Activities. And hopefully finish our sampler finally.  Lydia is also going to finish her Mob Cap for her doll.
 We are going to pack her Alphabet puzzle book for the van, she can finish this on the way to Bird Class at the Metroparks today.

For the boys:
They are working on the same Beginning Geography book.  It's mainly for following directions.  They have to follow the steps....and that is not easy for them.

 BIG IQ and Keyboard Town Pals (review will post this week) typing in both boxes.

Cut and paste activity.
 Brayden loves his hidden picture books
 Math Mammoth Time workbook
 All the kids have the Spectrum Reading...Grade 1 Little Critter sheets.  It's to help the boys with comprehension.  For Lydia it's both comprehension and phonics.  I love these books and going to start collecting them in different levels.  They have all subject and grade levels.  The boys will probably be moved to the next level by January if they keep progressing ok.
 For Brayden....Turbo Twist Grade 3-4 cartridge.  (A goodwill find for $3.00)
 For Joey...he's on Day 2 of the LEGO Lapbook.
 For Joey, he has to practice guitar and also a fun adding activity.
Everyone have a "Hoppin'" week!!!

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