Tuesday, December 27, 2011

How we spent our weekend

We have huge Star Wars fans in our house.  My hubby reads all the books, plays the online game, and the boys are following in his footsteps.  So I thought, how about a Star Wars marathon!!!

So we spent Friday, Saturday and Sunday watching all 6 of the movies in their numerical order!

We ate Yoda Stew.... 

 Put together models.

 Made light saber pretzel sticks.

 And the men of the family played Star Wars online all weekend.

 We also made Star Wars snowflakes...which turned into a mommy project because of the detail.  So I lamenated them to make them last longer.

This was a huge hit, even with the girls.  So we are going to chose another theme.  Next will be Shrek with lots of icky looking snacks and food.  Got my list ready for New Years Weekend!!!