Thursday, December 8, 2011

Pyramid Building---Our style

This week in history....yeah not been keeping up with history as well as we should have....we talked about mummies and pyramids.  Another week and we'll be done with Ancient Egypt.

We built mummies using gauze, while I read the Ms. Frizzle book on Ancient Egypt.  (I highly recommend this book!)  This activity is found in Ancient Egypt History Pockets.

Our finished mummies.  Each body was placed in several colorful coffins.  So our project represents two separate boxes and then the actual body.

We used cut up gauze.  My flash bleached it.

Story of the World gave us the idea for making sand blocks.  And while looking for something in our supply closet, I just happened to find several small bags of colored sand.  So these are our sand bricks starting to dry.

 Our blocks were not perfect, but the girls enjoyed them.  Caty, Lydia and I worked with them.

 While Joey and I worked with the project bricks.
 One finished pyramid.

 Two finished pyramids.
While we worked on this project, we watched
National Geographic: Into the Great Pyramid
Which you can stream on Netflix right now.  I was always taught that slaves built the pyramids.  Well that is wrong!  The workers were actually paid....with beer and bread.  This movie also show the inside of pyramids with robotic cameras.  It was a very interesting show!!!

Next week we will be learning about the homes and daily life in Ancient Egypt.

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