Sunday, December 4, 2011

What we'll be up to next week.....

Well I think I have lessons planned out for next week.  We'll see how things you just never know!

Group Classes:

Art--We are working on drawing Nature.  The book suggests a nature walk...but that's not really an option that day according to the weather.  So I am making a nature box with pine cones, some evergreen, some fall colored leaves and maybe some tiny fake birds if I can find them.  

Science--We are working on our hearts and the hard job it has.  And there are two review books for bones and joints that we should finish.

Geography--Our country for World Travelers is Cyprus.  Lydia is part-way through her project on the Mediterranean Monk Seal.  The boys are going to do basic worksheets since they won't be attending World Travelers club.  

History--Story of the World--Making Mummies...may mummify a Barbie doll or two this  We'll wait and see.

Health--Make a Healthy Snack.  I'll give them pictures of ingredients, and pictures of what you can make with those items.  They will create recipes with those pictures.


Math--Math Mammoth Time 
Language Arts--Joey is trying Reading Eggspress.  We'll see how he likes it and then see if Brayden likes this too.  And their normal Grammar Book
Handwriting--Homeschool Bits Winter Copywork cards
Brayden---Cars 2 Trivia Lapbook that I just finished making today.
Joey---He will be starting the Wanna Be Series from Old Schoolhouse.  This week is being a Chef.
E-Book: WannaBe™-When I Grow Up I Want to be a Chef

Joey has a fun class at the local library tomorrow evening on Star Wars.  He and daddy are going to go.  I think they are both very excited!


Math--She is now officially half-way through Math U See Primer.  I have a Strawberry Shortcake Addition workbook for her to practice with and she will be continuing with Math U See
Language Arts/Phonics--She's going to continue with Reading Eggs.  She's doing great with this program and making progress.  We'll also be continuing our work with Scholastic's High Frequency Site Word book.  We are on our second week of this and she's enjoying it.  Problem is I am trying to find a space to put up a word wall for her....No success so far.
Handwriting--She will be getting plenty of handwriting practice in her lapbooks, but if it's a low "writing day" I will pull out some copywork on ballet to help pull us through.
Lydia will be starting the Hands of a Child Animated Ballet lapbook this week, after her Monk Seal project.

Lydia also has American Girl Club this week.  This week we are having a Hawaiian Lua for Kanani.  So we are making homemade bath salts in the shape of sea shells to share with the girls.

Favorite Animated Ballets Project Pack Ebook

Our cooking projects this week:

Another crack at homemade bread, carob brownies and Joey is going to learn how to make hummus (for Cyprus and his chef study unit).  Lydia and I are going to make a loaf of Hawaiian sweet bread for American Girl Club.  

Everyone have a wonderful cooperative and full week.  Our definitely will be as usual.  My question is....How can a kid say they are bored???????

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