Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy Pie Day!!

No we didn't go around trying to figure 3.14 all day.  We ate yummy pie!!!

We read this really fun book.  And followed our journey across the US.  I am amazed how they are finally starting to remember where states are (the boys have been playing a US Geography game on BIG IQ Kids.

 I changed the way I did things this time when it came to cooking.  To help cut down on the fighting and yelling, I broke our Cherry pie down into 3 steps.  

First Lydia helped to mix up our gluten free crust and press the bottom layer in.

 Next Brayden helped cook up up the filling.  This step took a bit longer since we used fresh cherries and I had to pit them.
 Here's our pie after the first steps.
 Then it was Joey's turn to roll out the top crust.

 And here is our finished yummy pie.  
Another fun day!!!

What's your favorite pie??

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