Monday, January 30, 2012

What we are up to this week.....

Here's the plan....we'll see how it works out.

Math---The boys will be working on Teaching Textbooks.  Joey is almost finished, and Brayden is a bit behind him.  He's behind due to attention span issues.  Lydia will continue with her Math U See Primer...She's only had 7 lessons left before moving up a math level.  
State Geography--Georgia
World Travelers--Ethiopia
Language Arts--Joey is continuing work with Pronouns this week.  And they will all be working with Reading Eggs or Reading Eggspress.
Health--This is a bit off topic.  Lydia was going to look at different herbs that heal and can be used for medicine, because of Josefina.  In book 4, she thinks of becoming a corandera.  So I decided to turn it into a Health lesson and we are all going to discuss some herbs and their benefits.
Art--two painting projects for Ethiopia and hopefully for Art lesson #9.  But we'll wait and see.
All About Reading---Lydia will be using this week.
Music--Guitar lessons and Kinderbach.  Lydia has been asking about violin lessons.  We'll wait and see.
Handwriting--Copywork of Strange Facts and Handwriting without Teats (Lydia).
Science--We'll be catching back up on Genes...and I'm not talking laundry!

That the plan for the week....we'll share what we get finished.

Everyone have a wonderful week!!!

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