Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Grilling in style

My hubby doesn't normally grill.  So when it was our night to cook on our family vacation, I was shocked when he popped up and asked if he could help grill the hot dogs and burgers that night.  Now bear in mind, there was 27 people sharing this 3 story ocean front home.  So grilling for that many is so much hard than grilling for just our family at home.  Plus the kitchen is on the top (3rd floor) of the house and the grill was on the ground floor. Good thing there was an elevator!!!

Anyway, it was a windy day at the ocean, and Joe got tired of the smoke in his eyes.  So he remedied the situation.....

Who knew swim goggles were so useful!?!?!


  1. LOL so funny:) I didn't know there are men out there who don't grill:) Mine loves his grill:)

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