Saturday, June 23, 2012

Our weekly triumphs and accomplishments

So we have had a an interesting week.  We tried to keep the 3 days of planned schoolwork and then 2 days off or unstructured activities.  Lydia and I started adding this book into her boxes this week.  We are working on practicing our manners more.  She is liking this book so far.  Now we'll see if she listens.
 We played in the rain.

 And then we had to stop because of hail.
 20 minutes later they were swimming in the pool....crazy weather day!
 Lydia and I are trying to play our Reading Game more to help her with her sight words.  She actually is doing really well and almost ready to move to the next book!!!

 We went on a nature walk and realized we don't have much of a neighborhood for collecting nature stuff.  Too many of the same trees.
 We woke up to discover large trucks and construction equipment in front of the house.  They finally closed the little bridge for repairs.  So the kids are watching this process and hearing all kinds of new equipment being used.
Our oven was fixed, so we made homemade gluten free/dairy free choco chip cookies, which we then made into ice cream sandwiches.

 We made homemade finger paint.
 We continued reading our American Girl Lanie book, and worked on some nature crafts.
 We made picture frames out of twigs we picked up on our nature walk.  This project worked for both our American Girl reading and the fact that the girls were learning about trees in Science Class.  In fact, all of tree projects were cross-over science/literature projects.

 And then tried to paint with them.

 We also learned how to press leaves using the Cutest Nature Book ever.
 The Cutest Nature Book Ever! (American Girl)
 And then she used one of the Maple leaves that was shaped like a star to make a card for her friend Zachary.
 We ended our week with a Rainbow...

The boys did really well on their work.  I discovered that Joey finally knows his phone number!!! I wanted to do a little dance when I discovered that last night!  He worked really well on his Science by himself.  Brayden done really well on his workboxes on his own!

We also read about Jamestown this week in history.  We ordered the Jamestown Toob and Powhatan Toob so they could rebuild their own Jamestown Settlement.
Product DetailsProduct Details

The boys haven't had a chance to play with these yet.  They came while Joey was gone, and then I hid them as a surprise for Monday for school.  Next week we will read more about John Smith and the true life of Pochontas (not the one from Disney).

All in all, considering we didn't do everything that I wanted.....we had a fairly good week.  Guess we'll play catch up next