Saturday, July 28, 2012

Homeschool Mother's Journal - Week 9

So this won't be the "normal" Homeschool Mother's Journal.......

We had a really good week.  It got a little crazy.  We decided to sell our old mini-van.  We were hanging on to it, but it needed some extra TLC.  We really didn't have the time or money to invest more into it.  So it was time to let someone else to enjoy a larger vehicle.  But that threw a little wrench in our week.  But the new owners were excited, and needed a bigger vehicle.  We had to meet them at the bank on Friday.  So the kids ended up with an impromptu day off because I figured I would throw a bunch of errands on that day.

As most with special needs know, if the day gets off track or disrupted in any out.  You will most likely not be able to get your day back to where it should be.  And Friday was one of those days.

So because of all that, we ended up a day behind on our schoolwork.  I will work on blending in those lessons on next weeks work.  I am trying hard to keep them on track, and not stray from our lessons too much.  I am keeping in mind though, that if we are doing an appropriate substitute activity for what I have down, then it's ok.  It's weird to have a lesson plan for a laid back plan for learning.  But with 4 of them....I have to have a guide to follow or we would never get anything done.

I also spent a whole day remolding crayons for the Kids Party favor business.  Krayon Kreations was an idea to give Joey a look at all the hard work in small business.  I don't think he's quite caught on yet.  We are actually getting ready for a craft show toward the end of September in a local town.  So I have lots and lots of product to make.  We'll share some pics next week as I get more made tomorrow.  It's a great idea in theory, but a lot of extra work for me.  The kids cannot pour the melted lots of work for me.

We did work on the standard subjects.  We did Math, Spelling, Science, Phonics, Reading, Grammar, and some History.  History was one we fell behind on.  We didn't finish reading about Pilgrims daily life.  Also Joey and I didn't finish learning about all the sports we were going to look up for our Olympic Study.

Brayden started a 4H book on Cats called Purrrfect Pals.  He is very excited about Cats right now.  So we are going with it.  Here he is holding one of the stray kittens that my parents rescued.
 Joey did two science experiments.  The one was food coloring with celery.  We did not have great results with this...we tried twice.

I started reading this book with Joey.....did not realize how off it was.  It painted such a pretty picture of Squanto's life.  I am surprised they didn't tell us that he paid the sailors to take him to  I made the book disappear so we didn't have a repeat of our North Korea study and Joey ranting about propaganda.  
 This was a neat little book for the girls.
Joey started a 4H Curriculum on First Aid.  Here he is learning how to cut a butterfly bandage.  It turned out really nice.  It even pulled the pieces of paper together.
 Here was his second experiment.  String of spikes.  We haven't gotten the results yet on this.  It's sitting and

Lydia finished the first 40 lessons in Headsprout.  She is having trouble realizing though that the same words she has been learning, are the same words in the books she is trying to read.  For some reason she is not making the correlation...who knows why.  We are going to work with Reading Kingdom (watch for the review) and Reading Eggs (for sounds) in the next few weeks and just keep reading.  We also started learning about Birds in Science.  This next week, the girls and I are going to go Bird Watching just like the American Girl Lanie did with her little sister.

Caty and I did a lot of reading and working on some letter review for a couple letters.  She worked on cutting and math skills.  She had an attitude all week, so she played a lot of computer games.

The kids swam quite a bit this week.  Just needed to get them out and wear off some energy.  Lydia also had a nasty cold.  And Joey, Brayden and Caty had a weird stomach virus.  So all the kids were not at the top of their game this week.   I ended up with a sinus infection, and drinking apple cider vinegar for two days to start feeling better.  I won't doubt that treatment ever

One of the things I have been working on is scheduling and researching field trips.  I also am prepping for the art class that I will be hosting this upcoming school year.  I am getting a bit excited about it as I find all these great things.  I just hope all the kids have fun!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!!  And a great upcoming week!

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