Tuesday, July 31, 2012

What we are up to this week....

We did end up a day behind last week.  I thought we might catch up on Sunday, but we didn't get to.  So we did kind of a combo of part of Friday's important stuff and part of Monday's stuff to start and catch up.  But here's what we are working on this week....

Math - Essential Math skills Story Problems and Teaching Textbooks
Grammar - Time 4 Writing (Adjectives and Verbs)...watch for the review
Spelling - Spelling City...watch for the review
Health - First Aid booklet
Olympics unit - We are still going to watch, but will finish learning about the sports in the next few days.
Science - Making frost, invisible oils on our skin, and Super Soapy Boat
Top Secret - Ireland
Reading Comprehension book from Scholastic
Handwriting and Typing

Math - Essential Math Story Problems and Teaching Textbooks
Spelling - Spelling City...Watch for the Review
Projects - Cats - Purrrfect Pals
Science - Penguins
Handwriting and Typing
Reading Comprehension book from Scholastic

Math - Math U See Addition 8s
Science - Birds
Language Arts- First Language Lessons (new poem and pronouns) and her Reading Comprehension is Jack and the Beanstalk
Reading - Reading Kingdom.com .... Watch for the upcoming Review
Literature - We are still working our way through Wizard of Oz
Typing - Reading Kingdom includes early typing skills!
Social Studies - How to get along and American Girl Manners
Handwriting - Early cursive practice during reading time

Letters - R
Math - UmiZoomi booklets and PK Math book
Activity choices - Nick Jr. Boost online, Cutting/Glueing booklet, Leapfrog booklets
Science - Birds
Literature - We read last week, but didn't finish our Carl books.  So going to finish our Carl books and start on another set.  Caps for Sale, Katy No Pocket and Millions of Cats and we are going to Watch No Rose for Harry.

In History, we finished reading about Pilgrim life.  We watch America - The Story of Us section that included info about the Pilgrims.  This week will be be reading about Adding the 13 colonies.  We talked about why people moved to America last night and will read the books now.

Everyone have a wonderful week!!!!

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