Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Going up anyone??????

I have seen, but never been in the Gateway Arch.  So I was pretty excited when we got the opportunity to visit St. Louis.  I was even more excited when I found out that Joe was going to get to go with us....so we could actually go up inside.  The view underneath was breathtaking....it made you dizzy to stare up too long.

They have a little tram car in the ticket area to take your picture in.  It gives you an idea how big the car that you will be riding in actually is.

It was very slow the day we went....whoohoo!!  We timed it that the schools were back into session.  We had no wait what so ever!  We started heading up after visiting the little area about the building of the arch.

 The view was unbelieveable!!!  Cardinals Stadium
 Everyone but Brayden loved staring out the windows!

 Brayden finally did look.

 After visiting the top, we went to the museum....Westward Expansion.  The kids did the Jr. Ranger program (with help...lol).

They are working on the Junior Ranger program with the National Parks.  They have their clipboards out and ready to go.

 Checking out the pioneer cabin.
 Louis and Clark Surveying equipment from that era.
This actor told the story of important slaves of the St. Louis area.  It was interesting, but I didn't have anything to write the information that he was giving us.

 Looking inside the tent of Native Americans in the region.

 Brayden thought this little statue was cool!
 The life of cowboys.

Here the story of the Native Americans in the area.
Listening to Clark talk about his travels.
 They earned their Junior Ranger badges.
 The view was so amazing....made me dizzy to take this picture.
 This was a great experience for the whole family!!!


  1. YOu were in my old stomping grounds:) We are going back there next year I think:) Isn't the museum under the arch amazing. Can't wait to reshow it to the kids when we study American history:)

  2. I have always wanted to go to St Louis and see the Gateway Arch! I love all things Lewis & Clark, and we recently learned about the Gateway Arch in our history unit. Thanks for sharing your pictures and experience.