Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Stepping back into the past...

After all of our adventures on our trip with daddy, we still had a ton of adventures waiting for us at home.  We were home two days before we had this field trip to a local historical village.  It was the annual homeschool days, and soooo much fun!!!

 Learning about dyeing with berries.

Watching one of the many expert craftsman.  Silversmith

Learning to make buckets.

How to spin wool.

This was a favorite of mine, but not the girls.

We rode the train of course.

They have the neatest little area for little kids.  Lots of hands-on activities.

 She doesn't do this much work at home.
 Playing with old-fashioned toys.
 We ended up getting one of these, the girls liked this.  Especially Caty.
 Lydia loves...loves....loves chickens!!

An immigrant cabin.

 Newspaper office
 Laughing at the laundry...lol.
 Old-fashioned post office.

 She was getting very...very tired!
 Traditional mourning clothes.

 This tree is believed to be about 150 years old.  Was lost during a storm.
The Sauder Family didn't have time to build a cabin when they first arrived.  They had to build a makeshift shelter over their wagon to try and make it through the winter.
 Watching the corn grind.
 Pottery being created.
This was soooo fun!  They were able to see some areas that we have been reading about with our American Girl books.  Living history really brings the books to life!


  1. I love learning history this way. What a great day out:)

  2. I love learning history this way. What a great day out:)