Thursday, November 29, 2012

Our Weekly Adventures - Week 26

In my life this week....

I kind of went on a blogging break.  I felt massive brain fog.  And also had some issues with my arm.  So I took a week off.  We also took the week off from school, a little bit unplanned.  We still had Art class, and watched educational television.

I am working on getting the last half of our educational year planned.  Of course there has been quite a few changes, so that is why I am working at planning out the new adjustments.  I love that as homeschoolers we can make changes as we need to help our children get the best education as possible.  But sometimes I feel like there is always a constant adjustment in our house.  And that can be considered a part time job just planning and printing.

I also am working on a month long menu, instead of just a week.  I am hoping this will help save me some time also.  I made it while watching TV one night and then I figure I'll make my grocery list then the evening before I plan on going to the store.  Do any of you visit superstores like Costco?  Is it worth the money for the membership?  I am considering it, but with the large amount of allergen foods we purchase I wasn't sure if it would work for us.  The one thing I do know.....I need to start buying food in bulk.  The kids seem to be eating constantly!!  And they are not even teenagers yet.

In our homeschool this week....

Brayden actually done his work this week.  He did start a new med.  And it seems to be working, because he even went to basketball complaints!  Oh yeah, and he actually participated!

Lydia had fun doing Science experiments this week.  We are going to change a few things around do some of these experiments for a few weeks.  Of course it's not just the experiment, but learning why the results happen or don't happen the way we guess they will.  If you haven't checked out Hooked on Science....I recommend them.  It's been fun!

Joey had a pretty uneventful week.  He did his schoolwork.  This week was the start of his weather unit in Science.  He's going to learn about weather for the next couple weeks in preparation for our Meet the Meteorologist Homeschool event in January.  A local TV Meteorologist will be giving a program to our homeschool group.  I am more excited than Joey, but it's going to be fun!  He did have cheerleading practice and did very well.  He doesn't enjoy running, and has trouble sometimes with it.  So the cheerleading thing seems to be a good fit for him.

Caty loved Starfall this week.  She is learning new songs, and it's so cute as she goes around singing them.  I really love that it teaches place value!  Seriously, and she is kind of getting it.  She recognizes a few words here and there also.  Next week, we'll be adding some more structure for her.

Question I have.....

To anyone out there that meal plans, do you have a set meal plan that you rotate or do you come up with a unique one each month with family favorites thrown in?

What I am reading.....

One for fun and one for insight.  The Dave Ramsey book was recommended to me.  We don't have credit card debt, just medical debt.  So thought I would see if he offers some tips that could help us get it paid off.

What I have been cooking....

I made gingersnap cookies for the first time.  I have missed them.  They were gluten and dairy free.  They turned out soooo good!!  Even my hubby enjoyed them, and he doesn't usually get very excited about dessert.  I used the crock pot this week a couple times.  I made a beef chili which was a make it up as I went recipe.  It turned out so good that even Lydia was asking for seconds.  Of course the other kids wouldn't touch it because I put beans in it.  Their loss though!  I am writing it down though because it was a different creation for me.  I also made some homemade tomato soup to go with some grilled cheese was yummy too.  It felt like a comfort food week.  Last week I didn't cook much, I wasn't feeling well and my arm was killing me.  

Favorite pic and moment this week.....

And the shot was Good!!!!!

I am linking up with other homeschool mothers at Homeschool Mother's Journal.  Be sure to watch for our Week in Review picture post.  A couple great science experiments this week!!!

Everyone have a great week!!!


  1. Oh, I am always tweaking school! Weekly! Even after 8 full years of homeschooling I still don't have it figured out! LOL

    I hope the monthly planning works for you. I tried it here and found out weekly works best. I don't shop large stores so can't help you there...because there aren't any nearby.

  2. That's a great photo! Good shot! I have tried meal planning and when I do it and stick with the plan I find our grocery budget is much smaller than when I just randomly buy groceries.

    As for the big warehouse stores, I love going but my hubby doesn't think it's a better deal. I do find some deals and it works great but I think it all depends on what your family is going to buy and eat. If you can see if they have a day when you can go look around before you pay for the membership. We did that for us because I could write prices down and see if it was really worth it for us :) Good luck and have a great weekend!

  3. I love menu planning and recipe collection. I post my menu every Monday on my blog. Some weeks I have recipes added and freezer cooking foods.