Saturday, December 29, 2012

Meal plan for the Week....

I was so proud of myself.....we almost followed our meal plan 100%.  There was one day we had tacos, instead of something else.  And I was tired, so I made quick cheese quesadillas and some of them ate pizza tacos.  The only thing we really didn't follow was the snack category.  I didn't bake much this week, not as much as I would've liked or had planned.

But this is the plan for this next week.....

Breakfast - Pancakes
Lunch - Steak and potatoes
Snack - Popcorn
Dinner - Meatballs and dumplings

Breakfast - Cereal or toast
Lunch - Taco Salad
Snack - Peanut butter crackers
Dinner - Chicken fried steaks w/ mashed potatoes and peas

Breakfast - Cereal or toast
Lunch - (Grandpa and Grandma are visiting) hm Chicken Enchiladas and Spanish rice
Snack - choco chip cookies
Dinner - Korean Chicken wraps

Breakfast - Pumpkin muffins
Lunch - leftovers or grilled cheese
Snack - pretzels and dip
Dinner - Chicken pot pie

Breakfast - Smoothies and toast
Lunch - fried bologna sandwiches w/ oranges
Snack - popcorn
Dinner - Pizza pasta w/ breadsticks

Breakfast - Cereal
Lunch - Leftovers / packed lunches
Snack - jello and fruit
Dinner - Steak burrito bowls

Breakfast - Biscuits and Gravy
Lunch - Fried potatoes and Applegate Bacon w/ spinach
Snack - hm graham crackers
Dinner - Cincinnati Chili w/ pasta

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!!!

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