Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Caty School

We have been going with the flow.  We started a new curriculum for Birth through age 5, called Flowering Baby.  Watch for the Upcoming review.  In the meantime, these are some of the fun things we have been doing the last two weeks...since I didn't post last week.

Caty has been working on the alphabet song, and slowing down as she is singing it.  So we are working on speech this way also.

We also are working on fine motor skills.  I am doing whatever activity I can to go with Fine motor skills, and in all subject areas.

While we were designing for National Drinking Straw Day, Caty decided to try and turn herself into a drinking straw.
 Gross motor and just plain fun.
 One of her favorite books this week.
 More fine motor skills....Instead of pony beads, we used fruit loops today.
 Each pipe cleaner is marked with a number, and she is supposed to put that many on.
 Making a triangle with her fingers.
 She wanted to make a mosaic rainbow.
 Fine Motor Skill and math activity.  She rolls the dice and covers that many dots with star stickers.
 I found this fun sticker book for Caty to encourage fine motor skills.   She really likes this book.  I found a Scooby one for her to do also.  Great activity to get her to calm a bit before school.
 Just a fun game to go with our fish theme.
 More fine motor skill fun.

Another week week....more fun in Caty School!

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  1. Great job Caty, love seeing all your school activities. Thanks for sharing on the NOBH