Monday, January 7, 2013

What we are up to this week.....

We have kind of a crazy week coming up.  A big field trip on Thursday....we get to hear a local meteorologist speak about weather!!!  Super excited about it!!!  Caty is going to a trial tap dancing class, to see how she likes it.  Joey will have his first game he cheers in on Saturday.  And a lot of little stuff in between.

So this is our schoolwork we'll be working on:

Joey-  He'll be doing typical math stuff.  Working addition/subtraction story problems.  Grammar using Rod and Staff.  Ohio Geography still this week.  In Science he will be finishing his unit on weather.  For writing, he'll be working on daily writing prompts on his blog.  He did 1/5 last week.  Not a good week in writing for him.  Joey will probably do a couple Ben Franklin experiments, but need to get them planned.

Brayden - Same Math as Joey.  Grammar same as Joey also.  Brayden is having trouble with Ohio History, so he will sit again as he can...and use Brain Pop videos to fill in on Social Studies skills.  Science will be the same.  I also am trying to get him working on his blog too.  Not been easy with them.

Lydia - Math will be basic 1/2nd grade.  Headsprout for Phonics.  Site word practice.  Science she'll be learning about ducks a couple days, and then we'll we starting a week study of winter.  Lydia is starting a blog too.  So we'll be working on that.  In American Girl Club, we're going to be doing a couple projects to go with Book 1.  And then start Book 2 by the weekend.

Caty - Caty starts Flowering Baby School Curriculum this week.  So watch for our upcoming review.

Hope everyone has a wonderful and quiet week!!!

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