Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Caty School

We had an off and on week this week.  Poor Caty was battling a cold, and another bladder issue.  You could tell her little body was fighting it, because her energy was zapped.  She actually wanted to stay home from tap dancing this week!!  So I snuck in a few games and activities to keep her little brain going and make sure she doesn't fall "behind" our lesson plans.

We did some fun activities with our counting bears.  She had to count the bears onto the right index cards.  And then she played house with her bears.
This week she started Hooked on Phonics Preschool, and she really likes the DVD and workbook.  She reminded me I forgot to give her a star stickers when we were done with our B page.
Connect 4 Launchers is a great game to let her play by herself while working with another child.  It's like Angry Birds...without the Birds and Pigs.
We read about winter this week.  I have been putting this off and doing other themes, but needed to get this done just in case we get an early spring.

Painting a snow scene with a toothbrush.  She's always up for painting!
Watching "Meet the Shapes" while I worked with Lydia.  She requested to watch more of these, so we grabbed some from the library for her.
We read Snowflake Bentley and cut out snowflakes.
(Sorry couldn't get the pic to correct.)
Our Letter B project.

Letter Memory with our Hooked on Phonics cards.
We started with basic rhyming this week also.  She enjoyed this activity.

Can you tell our shape of the week was a diamond...lol.  Bet you also can't tell what her favorite shirt was this week.  A couple weeks ago we couldn't get her out of her Scooby Doo shirt...this week it was her Rainbow Tinkerbell.

Our theme next week is Firemen and the Firehouse.  We'll talk a bit about Fire Safety also.

I am finishing up a couple "themes" I wanted to get done, and in about two weeks we are going to start back Five in a Row with Caty.  I was working with it before and then stepped back to try another approach, but I have been seeing that she did enjoy those studies after all.  So we are going to finish Book 1.

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