Thursday, February 21, 2013

Learning about Mark Rothko

Born:  September 25, 1903 in Latvia
Died:  February 25, 1970

Rothko was a troubled artist.  He spent years searching for just the right job.  He sold clothing, tried acting and even worked in a factory.  He accidentally discovered a love of painting.

At first he tried to paint like everyone else.  But eventually he, along with other friends such as Jackson  Pollock, created a new style of painting.  His new art featured bold colors, and generally in the shape of rectangles.

I watched this video...warning it's long for And with his troubled life, you may want to pick and choose what you let the kids watch.

She watched this short segment from the above video:

For our project, I let her pick a select number of colors and create her own Mark Rothko inspired art.  She mixed colors ....

We do not know what Mark Rothko was trying to express in many of his paintings, but Miss Lydia painted a storm.  This is a large grey tornado and the sun is starting to shine.  hhhmmmm....Interesting.

Next artist is .......Joseph Cornell.

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