Monday, February 4, 2013

What we are up to this week...

So I let the kids have a day off today. I was unpacking from our Tennessee trip.  They had med checks and I had some errands to run.  So we played some games, but no official work.

Bad weather cancelled basketball and cheerleading practice.  Lydia's wrist is still hurting, so she will miss gymnastics.  Caty will have tap dance Wednesday, and hopefully we'll get to make storytime at the library.  We might even make co-op this week, but not sure yet.  Depends on Lydia's doctor appointment at the orthopedic doctor.

Typical math.  He is working on multiple operations.
Grammar - finish up on Proper Nouns section
Science - Taste & Smell and Skin and open book test over human body unit.
Adventure Club - He is going to start his George Washington reading
4-H Computer - working on review
Handwriting - Cursive u, y, i
Scholastic News

Math - Same math as Joey
Grammar - finish up Proper Nouns section
Science - Finish up Penguins book
Scholastic Newspaper
Adventure Club - SchoolExpress George Washington booklet
Brain Pop - Ancient Egypt

Math - Reverse Counting
Science - Finish up Canine unit
Reading - Continue with McGuffey Reader
AG Club - Caroline Book 5
Geography words - Beach, Butte
Art - Alexander Calder
Phonics - A beka Letters and Sounds
All About Spelling - Lesson 1
***Read books about Chinese New Year

Geography - Homes Around the World
Math - Counting to 25, writing numbers to 10
Science - Eyes (draw what our eyes look like) and color
Letters - D, E, F
Art - Color Tones
Games - I-Spy, Sequence Letter, Peanut Butter and Jelly
Reading and Story Sequence - The Hat by Jan Brett

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