Sunday, April 21, 2013

Fun with Daddy at the Science Museum

We have a really amazing Science Museum near us, and they were extremely generous to our Homeschool group recently.  They sponsored a field trip for 100 of our kiddos!!!  HOW COOL WAS THAT!!!!

Unfortunately it was very busy that day, and busy museums do not do well for our kiddos.  It is a sensory overload for them.  So they do not want to listen and it is madness.  So basically it equates into grouchy kids and stressed out parents.  But we try our best to push through....they did have fun though.

 Static electricity fun...

using a crane...
 trying to get a paper airplane to fly
 how fast can you get the wheel going....Caty got the lights up to yellow.
 How much fat/sugar/salt is in the foods you eat?  This game has several different selections and allowed the kids to see how much of each is in the food choices they were making.
 Playing a game with mom
 This is the fastest Brayden has moved in a while
 Joey building a bridge with friends.

It was a busy and fun half day at the local museum.  They got to play some with daddy at the science museum and they even got to eat lunch there...which we NEVER  It was a great kick off for our trip to Pennsylvania.

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