Friday, May 3, 2013

Homeschool Mothers Journal - Week 48

In my life this week.....

We have had a rough...rough week.  We were struggling Sunday, and then Sunday night Joey had a massive medicine reaction (which I didn't recognize until early Monday morning because I thought he had a stomach bug).  I took to the ER at 8 am, and he got worse as we got in the van.  He got even worse when we got to the hospital and I had to yell to get him a wheelchair because he was starting to fall since he couldn't stand long enough to check in.  She didn't believe me, until he started screaming and crying louder.  I was like, "Seriously, you have his name and insurance on file...get him a wheelchair or you are responsible if he falls down!!"  Needless to say an RN came running with a wheelchair.  It was like he was having a seizure right then.  They gave him benadryl shots and sent him home, against my recommendation and wanting him to come home that early.  

About 4 hours later and two doses of Benadryl at home, we called the EMS this time ( waiting at the check-in window).  He got worse and worse after we got there.  And then after almost demanding more Benadryl shots for him, he finally showed improvement.  No one would listen to me.  This is not the first time this has happened....I was trying to tell the doctor.  But he was patronizing me and not really listening to Joey's issues.  He was an older doctor who thought he knew my son better.  I also found out from Joey's regular doctor that he kept telling him what to give Joey, and he didn't.  I was soooo mad.  I am trying to get a list of the drugs they gave him in the hospital to see what they were giving him.

Joey's had a rough week.  He still has a little bit of issues from Monday, so just keeping a close eye on his speech, and tremors.  May have to have some further tests to make sure he didn't have any damage from this.

Poor guy...his tongue and lips were even swelling during this reaction.  He had sinus and throat issues too.  I didn't recognize those symptoms because he has some allergies and the pollen count was high.  He actually has been having a reaction for two weeks now, and I was controlling it with OTC Benadryl.  Didn't even know it.  

In our homeschool this week....

Lots of review and watching of science shows.  Joey was in no way able to do schoolwork.  But has been watching science shows this week while resting on the couch.  Lydia has been doing reading and we have been working on money again.  She is making improvement in that area also.  Her two worst areas were reading and money, and she is improving in both areas!!!

We went to the zoo on Wednesday with the Nature Sketching class in our homeschool group and walked around the zoo a bit.  The kids had fun and were exhausted when we left.  

We went on a great field trip to the BGSU Marine Life lab yesterday, watch for the post next week.  They showed us Lizards, snakes and WOW!!!  It was wonderful!!! Even Brayden stopped playing his DS long enough to watch and hopefully learn something.

Lydia and I finished her zoo project for the Homeschool Zoo Project Fair next week.  The kids that took classes are supposed to pick an animal and do a habitat board about it.  She picked the Black and White Tegu.

What I am working on....

Trying to keep up with our house.  It is awful!!!!  Everywhere I turn there is a pile of something.  So trying to work on organizing each room.  Also trying to get ready for our Homeschool Trunk Sale next Friday.  I have a pile I need to get ready.

I just need one of those organizing reality shows to come in and help me.  Then one of those home improvement shows come in next.

What I am cooking this week...

Not oven.  It's finally fixed, but did make chicken on the grill Tuesday. The girls and I also made fried dandelion greens, we went forging when we were picking up trash for our 4H Club.  Found tons...and tons.

What I am reading this week....

I just finished a book called Papa's Pearls, watch for the upcoming review.

I am working on a new Nicholas Sparks book I found at a book store Sunday, A Bend in the Road.

The kids were rewarded....

Well Caty didn't really deserve a reward, but Brayden and Lydia ...even Joey did great Wednesday.  We had the zoo in the am and then a long doctor appointment for med checks, so they got ice cream at Sonics.  

Something I have my eye on......

A clean house...not perfect.  But Clean.  With this week though, Joey has been struggling with his memory and completely forgets what he is doing.  Joe is doing both his work, college classes and working on his online CISCO training to renew his certification.  So can't help any extra.  Caty could trip over a pile of something and not realize it's even there.  Lydia tries, but this is just overwhelming this week.

A photo to share....

Our neighbors trees are in full bloom!!!  Aren't they beautiful?!?!  I am so happy to see them, and yet it is through allergy

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  1. So sorry for Joey and you, going through all that stress. Hope this week is much better. Enjoyed your update (visiting from iHomeschool).