Sunday, May 12, 2013

Independence Seaport Museum - Philadelphia (Part 1)

While we were in Philadelphia, we had the opportunity to visit the Independence Seaport Museum.  After battling traffic to get through downtown on a Saturday, we were exhausted before even got there.    It was a sunny day though.  I am splitting this trip into two blog posts, the first is the inside of the museum.  The second is the outside....the tour of a WWII submarine and Pre-WWI battleship.  Both very cool to tour.

 It was a bit of a drive, and we expected a sandwich cart....the kids were counting on it.  But there wasn't one, so they were excited to eat crap...I mean snacks out of the snack machines.
While they were enjoying their treats, I enjoyed reading about the reasons sailors chose certain tattoos.

As soon as you walk in the main area of the building, there is a large recreation of the Ben Franklin Bridge.  This was very neat to walk under.
There is a HUGE exhibit on the ship disasters and ferry disasters on the Delaware River.

 As far back as the Revolutionary War.

This plank is from a British Frigate in 1777.

Showing how they turn shipwreck sites into archaeology areas to find out what went wrong.

They build boats there.  They were working on some while we were out.

What beds were like in the late 1800s on ships.

Cookware/dishes from late 1800s to early 1900s.
Section on immigration....we didn't get to see much here.  The kids had saw so much it was overload.

Captain to the bridge....
Silly time!!!!

Laser tattoos....
Hands-on exhibits....

They had a cannon in the lobby.  The kids loved making it "blow up".  It made a loud noise...they kept fighting over who got to go again.
Watch for Part 2 touring the ships....

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