Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Desperate - Are you a Loner? - Chapter 2

So I have finished reading Chapter 2....The Go-It-Alone Culture (On Needing People).  I guess I didn't really think about this much.  But when reading all the parenting books, does it say...Go and find friends.  No they usually talk about socializing, but it's for the kids.

Many times as moms, we get caught up in our daily lives or "bubbles" as I call mine and we forget about the outside world.  Our daily bubbles seem to swallow us up.  We make sure our kids needs and most of the time our husbands needs are met, but then completely forget about our own.  Our need for friendship.  Someone to have coffee or tea with.  A hobby to take up and draw our mind from the daily repetition of dishes, laundry and other chores.

If we do not have this, the walls built up around us will literally swallow us and we could easily fall into a depression that will harm our families.  The old saying is that "If mamma ain't happy, then no one is." actually does have truth to it.  If Mom is having troubles, the family does suffer some too.

It's really important to seek outside hobbies and friendships.  How about an older neighbor or someone from your house of worship?  Maybe while taking the kids to the library, you might be an older adult who may or may not know what you are feeling.  But they may be seeking similar friendship that you are searching out.

We live in a culture that tends to isolate itself from others.  Social media does help with that, since you can now post on Facebook and several friends post back in a few moments with what troubles they are experiencing too.  You know that you have their virtual support.  But what about a conversation in person, at the local coffee shop.

Having friends that encourage you to do your best has the best feeling.  They are honest with you and help you climb those mountains that keep getting set in front of you.

Be sure to check out Chapter 2.....have you had a chance to read this great book.  There's time to still read along with us!

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