Sunday, July 7, 2013

My goals for this week....

I am feeling so disorganized which is contributing to my feeling of being overwhelmed twenty-four hours a day.  I already know that I have to cut back some things in my schedule.  It's going to mean less clubs for Lydia and Caty this fall, and possibly even giving up their co-op.  I just keep looking at my schedule.

I started feeling overwhelmed a few weeks ago, and it's gradually getting worse.  Instead of confronting it head-on like I should have, I hid.  I hid behind other issues that are piling up.  I gave up my precious to-do list that was my reminder.

So my first goal this week:

1.  Make sure to keep up on my to-do list and keep it updated.  I have a bad short term memory...side effect of the fibro.  So if I don't write it down, I will most likely forget it until it's too late.

I break my to-do list down by what should really get completed that day, The next day's appointments and a little reminder of things I remember will need to be added to the next day's list.  Also the meal plan for that day.  (As you can see, haven't done next week's plan yet.....again behind schedule.) Currently and in the past I have been handwriting this daily.  I know not exactly efficient, but I'm still using my cursive.  So ha...ha...ha all those school districts that say cursive is dead!  I am proving you wrong.

I am working on creating a document in Microsoft Word so that I can fix it daily and print instead of writing it out.  But my goal is to complete everything on the list, so that I don't have to rewrite those items ... lol!!

My second goal of the week.....

2.  Keep track of my time.  How much time I spend on the computer working/doing school/facebook (socially...not Crew commitments).  Track how much research time, Bible Study time, etc.  I need to find the "air leak" in my time and see how I can correct it.

My third goal of the week.....

3.  Make sure to emphasize and stay on track with Caty's school work this week.  I have been too lenient in her school work.  I know....I know....she's only 5.  But she also has some delays in areas that I don't want her falling further behind on.  Last week I mentally had a list for her to complete during the week, and we did do those items, but this week I will have a more set list.  We will be tackling Easy Peasy All in One Homeschool program.  If it works well for Caty, I will most likely be switching Joey to this program also.  He spends so much time on the computer anyway....this might help him.  And make my planning a bit easier.

 I hope everyone has a great week, and I look forward to seeing you next week.  

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