Sunday, August 4, 2013

What we are up to this week...

Well another week is upon us!!  We are at Week 11 of our School year....hard to believe!

Typical Violin lessons for Lydia.  Joe has the week off from work, unless he's needed.  He will most likely need to work some this week because of some unfortunate circumstances.  His boss was in an accident and will be out all week.  We'll still do a couple things around this.  Kids will still be doing school for a couple hours a day.  We have a lot to do around the house, so plan on getting that stuff done.  

Joey will be working on habitats in Science.  He will be finishing up the book of Mark this week in his Bible reading.  In history he will be reading about Jamestown and starting a timeline.  Regrouping/borrowing in math.  Still working on poems, and even though he hates it I am trying to make him work through it.  I just make some adjustments for him.  He will be reading about the brass section of orchestras and in art looking at Native American art.....this kind of goes along with his history.

Brayden is starting Time 4 Learning this week (watch for the upcoming review).  He has asked several times to start this again, so I am excited to see how he does with it.  This week he will be reading about Vikings and Columbus.  In Grammar, synonyms and antonyms and how to read to learn.  Math is expanded form versus standard form.  In Science, he will be learning about exactly what a scientist is and what instruments they use.

Lydia is continuing Reading Kingdom, and I am changing her books out for reading practice.  She will be using the phonics books that go along with these books.  In Math she is practicing simple addition and subtraction.  History is continuing about Native Americans.  I am hoping to take her to the Wood Country Historical Museum this week to visit their Native Americans of Ohio exhibit.  In science she is using a new lapbook from Hands of a Child on Doctors and Nurses (watch for the upcoming review), to go along with our study of the human body.  In Grammar, she is working on Adverbs.

Caty is working on the Letter E this week.  We will be working on Scientific prediction and hypothesis.  She is starting a new handwriting program called Rhythm Handwriting this week, and also a great book I found at the library called Around the World in 80 Tales.  Can't wait to get started.  

Hope everyone has a great week....See you at our wrap up for Week 11!!!

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