Friday, September 13, 2013

Logics of English - Rhythm of Handwriting - Book Review

Handwriting is a hard subject in our house.  Caty has short, chunky fingers and so she has trouble gripping a pencil properly for too long.  Joey has the same issue and so does Brayden.  These three have so much difficulty handwriting items!!  But how can a subject that seems to easy, be so hard to teach!

We had the opportunity to review, The Rhythm of Handwriting - Manuscript ($18.00) from Logics of English.  The Rhythm of Handwriting was written to help students of all ages to help learn to form letters, which helps with all other tasks in their lives.

The Rhythm of Handwriting - Manuscript provides parents/teachers with not only the "paper" and lessons for students to use in learning to write, but also the steps on how to teach handwriting to make children understand.  

I really liked the steps that helped to combine handwriting with phonics that helped parents hide it in the lessons.  Seriously, I wish I would've had this book 4 years ago for Lydia to have used.  It would've saved me a ton of money and frustration while trying to teach Lydia proper technique.

The Rhythm of Handwriting - Manuscript is very user friendly.  The front pages contain several pointers where parents can find tips for instructions on encouraging students.  These pages have suggested schedules for those who are trying to cover certain amount of material.  They also include suggestions for those trying to conquer fine motor skill delays and strengthen those who are making improvements.

Clear instructions are given to the students on how to complete the assignments.   Students will understand how the letters connect and where to place it on the lines provided for them.   

How did this program work for Caty? She is doing really well using The Rhythm of Handwriting - Manuscript.  We are continuing to work through the book slowly, at a Caty pace.  As she struggles with her handwriting and letter recognition, I am able to use plenty of pointers of activities to do with her as she struggles with fine motor skill delays

The lessons are short and we need to slow down several down to work on correct technique.  Each lesson provides plenty of room to practice with various size lines to help students at different levels.  But she really enjoys this handwriting because it doesn't feel overwhelming to her.  A little bit each day, since you can really adjust the lessons well for each student.

In fact, I have been so impressed with The Rhythm of Handwriting - Manuscript, I am planning on purchasing The Rhythm of Handwriting - Cursive for Lydia, as well as another copy of Manuscript to help out Joey.  He needs lots of practice.  So far with all the handwriting programs that I have worked with the last 5 years, The Rhythm of Handwriting-Manuscript allows for the most forgiveness in technique and really helps students to grasp the right way to write in easy to use lessons.  And that is something that we need in our house!!!  

I have one suggestion for The Rhythm of Handwriting books series....the printed books would be nice if they were coil-bound or had some type of spiral binding. Caty's only issue that we had with the book, was she had problems keeping the pages open.  I am going to take it to an office supply store and have it done, because I was trying to use it as we had received it....but it definitely needs spiral bound for her. 

You can purchase The Rhythm of Handwriting - Manuscript in printed form for $18.00 or purchase the downloadable PDF version for $15.00.

Several members of the Schoolhouse Review Crew were privileged to use various products from Logics of English over the last few weeks.  


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Be sure to check out how these products worked in their homes.

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