Monday, September 30, 2013

What we are up to this week....Week 18

I am hoping for a calm week.  Due to rain, I had to cancel our Homeschool Field Day...even though this was the rain date.  So that took one more thing off the schedule this week.  But the girls are excited.  They are doing their first Homeschool Science class at our local science museum.  This week we also have our regular soccer practice, ballet lessons, piano lessons, Minecraft class, bowling, and we have our World Geography club.  Very excited about the stuff we have going yet.

Around all that we are going to do some house rearranging, yard clean up and basement cleaning.....ugh.  And then there is schoolwork.....

He'll be working on learning how to run and oversee our Minecraft server.  So instead of screaming to have it fixed, he will be taking care of that.  He is also working in his Minecraft class on the Roman Coliessium and his Temple of Artemis creation.  On the side to go with this class, he will be learning about the Collesus of Rhodes, the mausolium and Lighthouse of Alexandria.  I bought a book from Evan Moore that has info on each of the 7 wonders, as well as worksheets.  (I just didn't have time to create my own on this.)  For math, he will continue working on money and I am going to start him in Life of Fred and see how well he likes it.  Grammar/Writing, he will be working on topic sentences for his History of Halloween essay.  This project was put on the back burner.  He had some anxiety moments last week, and I had to cut a few projects off his list.  Using Spelling City, he will be working on subject/verb agreement and the usage of commas.  Science he will be looking at dinosaurs and whether they truly evolved or were created.

He'll be practicing multiply 2 digit by 1 digit and 3 digit by 1 digit.  For some reason he is multiplying one column and adding the next.  So I am having his work another week on it.  In History he is starting the Revolutionary war.  It's on his Time 4 Learning schedule.  In Science, he's still working on Energy and what it means for Humans this week.  In Grammar/Writing he will be working on what a Plot is and taking the quiz for the material on summary.   He'll also work on spelling rules.

She is almost done with Life of Fred Butterflies.  She really....really....really likes these books.  I am throwing in some more math addition/subtraction practice sheets this week.  In Science, we'll be working on eyes and ears.  She'll be working a bit on Inferences.  Also working on her Cambodia project.  Not sure what she wants to do for sure.  She thought about food.  So might cover types of food and probably rice farming.  She had her Magic Tree House Class on the Middle Ages this week too.  I saved a bunch of boxes from Aldi's and Costco so that she can start creating her castle for this class.  She will also be working on a few sewing projects.

She is working on the Letters L & M.  Oceans and continents are being continued and we'll be working on the 2nd half of the song about landmarks in these places.  I found a great app for her to use.  She is working on using the BOB books app on her iPad.  She really likes it.  She is still following the All In One Homeschool Plan.  She is working around Day 80 right now.  Almost time to start doing the reading stuff with her.  We have our McGuffey printed and ready to start with her soon.   She is going to learn about an animal from Cambodia.  We'll see if she speaks at this meeting or not.  Guess we'll wait and see.

Hope everyone has a great week!!!

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