Wednesday, October 9, 2013

How to Recycle a T-shirt into a Pillow

Brayden has this t-shirt that he loves.  He obviously cannot wear it anymore, but he still loves it.  Deep inside he is always going to love trains.

He held it up and sighed that he couldn't wear it  My sister-in-law gave me the idea to turn it into a pillow so he can still cuddle with it.  I could hug her for that!!!

So here is my little sewing project.  I am going to start doing this with more of the kids favorite t-shirts.

First I turned the shirt inside out and stitched the color shut.

 Next I sewed together both arm holes.
 Then I sewed 3/4 of the shirt tail together.
 Turned it right side out.

 Stuffed it with pillow stuffing
 Sewed the remaining bottom together....

and voila!!!  A t-shirt pillow.  It's washable and huggable.  I may add some more stuffing.  Brayden was super excited to see this and put it right in his "sleeping spot" as he calls it.

Whole project took me about 30 minutes. Quick and easy!!!  Great way to recycle those favorite shirts.

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