Thursday, November 21, 2013

Art Thursday - Painting with Ink

I decided to get brave and let the kids use ink at art class.  This was a little nerve wrecking because we meet in an area coffee shop and they do not ask us to pay anything.  So it meant table clothes and lots of patience.

This was just a fun fall project for the kids, using supplies they do not normally use.

First the kids drew a still life of a pie pumpkin.  We talked about the curved lines to give their pumpkins less of a flat shape on the paper (this is review from a couple weeks ago).

Next step was using brushes to paint with ink.

 I only had so many bottles, so they needed to take turns at stations.
They agreed that painting with ink was a lot like painting with watercolors.

Caty of course, did her own thing.  But she really liked doing this project.

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