Tuesday, November 12, 2013

F is for Farmville 2

Ok...I admit it....my name is Renita and I am addicted to Farmville 2.  I play it a lot.  Way too much.

My husband even started a farm since he was trying to figure out why I like it so much.  Too be honest, I am not completely sure why I like it so much.  It's not like I am getting anything out of it.  I am not gaining extra groceries or animals in my backyard.  But I still seem entertained by it.

And then one evening while I was "farming", I realized the economics skills I was using to play this game.  Why hadn't I thought about it before??

You start out with so much money, but if you spend all that money on decorations or something that doesn't earn money...you are out of money.  No coins means no crops which equals no food to feed your livestock.  So you really need to learn to balance.

As you make your way through each level, challenges are given to you.  Then you need to decide whether to sell the crops or do you craft items such as food, ceramics or other items from your workshop.  If you only sell your crops, you will not earn as much money.  But if you use all your crops to bake cakes, cookies, etc, then you will have nothing to make feed for your animals.

I am learning more and more as I rise in the levels.  You might ask...."And this has what to do with homeschooling?"  Well if someone is opening a business, they need to watch their expenses and learn how to maximize their profits.  Farmville 2 is really a fun way for kids to learn how to do that.  There are plenty of surprise expenses when running a business (the challenges presented that you can earn extra money to do) and yet the regular planned expenses also (the livestock that you already own and need to kept fed).  You cannot keep spending money (borrowing from your own bank account...since there is farm cash you can buy) or you will go broke and your farm will not flourish.

There are actually several games that you can play that have similar skills.

Zynga has many games that you can play with your kids or you can have your kids play.  (Warning....there is usually no messaging between people on these games....but watch your kids online.)  You can find games with cartoon characters, movie themes, and of course....Farmville.

Other games the kids are loving right now....

Animal Jam - great animal information throughout the game.  Mostly free, but can pay for a monthly subscription.  The girls and Brayden love this game.

PBS Kids

Mattel games

Strawberry Shortcake - This has some fun cooking games.  Follow the directions and creative skills in decorating cakes.

Scooby Doo Games

ABCya - haven't played this in a while...but these are definitely educational.

Favorite apps of Brayden right now:

Hay Day

Cake Pop Maker

Baby Pet Vet Doctor

Mermaid Salon - Ok...this is mainly the girls.

These are apps that even Caty's speech therapist plays with her during her sessions.  Who knew?!?!  I guess games can have their educational purposes.

I know this seems like a stretch to find educational value in games, but used in moderation technology is good.  But really in the stress that I live in on a daily basis (and chastise me all you want) we use iPads and video games as a distraction and reward.  I figure if I am using these to make it through the day, why not sneak a little more education in on the kids.

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