Tuesday, November 26, 2013

H is for Hugs

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H is for Hugs

So many people think that kids with autism hate to be touched and they do not respond to affection.  Well that is not the case for all individuals on the spectrum.  Some actually crave touch.  Joey loves hugs and so does Caty.

When I think of Hugs though, I think of my Brayden.  He is diagnosed classic autism, but I cannot leave the house without a hug and kiss from him.  He wants hugs for bedtime and loves to hug the cats.  Yeah, it typically is on his terms.....and he has chased me into the driveway to make sure I get his hug.

But I need to stop some days and remind myself to enjoy those hugs.  The hugs from our kids are for what it seems like a short time.  They grow up too quick and hugs for Mom and Dad are usually something that is too babyish.  So even on days when I am so frustrated from various meltdowns/tantrums and I am in tears, I try and remember those hugs and how good they make me feel.  

Have you hugged your kids or your cat today?  It's so easy to take this time for granted, since as homeschoolers we are with our kids almost 24/7.......but try and think how old your kids will be 5 years from now.  Are they still going to want to give you hugs?  

Enjoy your time together...sit back and cuddle and make the best of the days, even those bad ones.

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