Sunday, November 10, 2013

What we are up to this Week - Week 24

It's the second full week of the month, which means a Yucky schedule.  Tuesday we have LEGO Build it this week, and the kids will be working on zoo creations.  Caty has speech therapy.  Wednesday the girls have piano and Thursday is an all day outside the house with zoo class, American Girl and Scouts.    Friday is DIY Club and Ballet.  I don't like the second week of the month!

But we will get some school work done :)

Joey will be working on the Periodic Table in Science.  For math he will be working on facts and inequalities.  In Ohio History we'll be talking about the impact the French and English settlers made on Ohio.  In Grammar he'll be working on sentence fragments and complete sentences.  For World Geography we will be starting to learn about Trinidad for World Travelers.  His writing assignment this week will be a book he creates on 5 birds of Northwest Ohio (this will work to fulfill a DIY patch requirement also).

Brayden will be working on the same projects in Science and Ohio History as Joey.  He will also be doing the same Trinidad research (early skills for him).  In Math he will be working on reading measurements and practicing his division facts.  He is also going to be continuing his USA Geography study of where the states are.  In Grammar he is going to be practicing simple and compound sentences.

Lydia will also be working on same projects in Science, Ohio History, and World Travelers.  In Math, she'll continue her skill building with addition facts and working on Life of Fred.  For Grammar she'll be reviewing common/proper nouns and capitalizing nouns.  She is going to finish her tide pool model and finish reading Kailey.  She has her spelling words in Spelling city and daily reading which includes blends practice.  For handwriting, she'll be "writing" a book about 5 Northwest Ohio birds of her choice.  It will fulfill a requirement for her Mastery of Ornithology in DIY Club.

Caty is going to keep learning about Space.  We are counting and matching numbers for Math.  Her letters are O and P this week.  For Handwriting she'll be practicing her letters, but also practice following directions and drawing simple objects.  For Science and Health, she'll be learning food groups and how to eat healthy.

Well, this is our week.  Hope everyone has a wonderful one!

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