Sunday, November 17, 2013

What we are up to this week....Week 25

Kind of a slow week.  We have art class on Monday.  Joey and Lydia start cheerleading this week.  Very cool!!  We have speech therapy, piano, guitar, and ballet.  I have a dental checkup for my tooth.  And we may be going to Maumee Bay for a Nature Walk.

Our tadpoles should be arriving on Monday or Tuesday....we just have to wait and see.   Brayden is very excited and so is Lydia.

This is our lessons plans for the week.

Joey will start working on an essay for the War of 1812.  He is going to enter a contest sponsored locally.  He has two months to start researching this.  In Math he will be covering place value, and practicing subtraction.  His Minecraft class is almost over.  He is really enjoying it.  He is working on vocabulary and spelling as usual.  For researching skills, he is going to be looking up facts on Trinidad.  The Essay for War of 1812 will be an ongoing project, so we'll do little bits here and there.  For Science he is going to be working on a book about birds of Northwest Ohio.  This was a project we had to put off last week.

Brayden will be doing almost all of the same work as Joey, except for Science and the War of 1812 essay.  Brayden is going to working on a unit on habitats.

Lydia is also going to be working on her Birds of Northwest Ohio book for Science.  In Language Arts, she'll be starting pronouns.  In Math it's the last week of "placement" review so I can see exactly where she is at.  In Writing, she'll continue writing her Mermaid story.  For World Geography, she'll be making a map of Trinidad and cooking a international meal.  She'll keep using Essential skills program this week and we are doing a review to see where Lydia is "testing" with her site words and spelling them too.

For Group projects.....For Art all the kids will making coil pots.  In Ohio History they'll be working a little on the French and Indian War and why the Ohio Valley was so important to both the English and French.

Hope everyone has a great week!!!

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