Sunday, December 1, 2013

Homeschool Mothers Journal - Week 26

In My Life this week.....

Well I am trying to get control of the clutter.  Areas of the house that have been neglected, I am trying to keep up with that stuff.

I really have been experiencing a major set of the "blahs".  This has really been zapping my energy and focusing power.  I am working at getting out of this funk though.  I have to do something, this is really killing me.

In Our Homeschool this week....

We only did school a couple days.  And I am proud to say they finished their work that needed to get done.  I am very proud of the boys stepping up and not fighting me to finish their work.  It scares me to give them this next week off from school.  I am fearing what it will be like when we start back the following

Projects I am working on.....

I am trying to find a hobby that will fit into our lives.  This is really hard, because it needs to be something that doesn't take me out of the house a ton.  So I am working on crocheting, sewing, reading, and photography because I enjoy all these.  I figure one of these things might pull me out of my funk....oh and I am working hard at getting back into my exercise routine again.

We are working on gradually cleaning out the mess we call a basement too.  It is so neglected because I struggle to keep the work done upstairs.  So we are spending the month of December working our way through boxes and boxes......and boxes of junk.  I need to suck it up and actually throw away some of their school papers.

What I am cooking....

Well, I made a turkey last Saturday and we ate on that all week.  I made gluten free bread, which we turned into a stuffing skillet dish.  I also made some really yummy cranberry sauce to go with that.  It tasted like a cross between canned jellied and whole berry sauce.  But it wasn't from a can...all natural.  Super good!  We sautéed butternut squash one night to go with turkey I sautéed in coconut oil.  It was yummy too.  I also made peanut butter pie (allergen friendly....dairy,soy,gluten free).  The crust didn't turn out great because I used quinoa flour and still learning to work with that.  But the filling was awesome!!  I did use quinoa flour to make tortillas and then used those to make mexican lasagna.  Super yummy!  Joey was begging for 2nds, 3rds and whatever else I would let him have from the pan.

What I am reading.....

Still working on the Tracie Patterson book..

Where we are going and what we are doing....

We are hoping to spend some time with Joe next week.  Has has vacation all week.  So hoping to take a trip to a couple museums next week in Columbus and just spend some family time together.

Pictures from our week....

Our tadpoles came in and we started learning about frogs.
 Lydia is learning about pronouns, and she made a pronoun chart.
Joey is struggling reading cursive.  I don't care if Common Core and school districts don't require cursive, Joey needs to be able to read it.  So I have him match up cursive and manuscript words.  He has gone through all the Handwriting without Tears books and I understand if he has trouble writing it.  That's fine.  But he still needs to be able to read it.
 Caty and I read through this really cool about and compared time periods in the book.
I found a great LEGO site that helped Joey do his math.  Here he is adding multiple column math.  He actually took to this method well.  I wish I would've found this blog a long time ago.
 Brayden working on a US Geography page.
We also use DUPLOs for Lydia to work on her word families.  For some reason now, she is grasping her site words and has finally gotten all the kindergarten level down.  But she gets confused when you change the beginning sound in a word family.  So we are working on these using DUPLOs.
She was watching a video on how to make a special bracelet on her loom.  She got frustrated...will try again later :)
 On our way to speech therapy, we dropped Grandma and Lydia off at the store.  I turned my head to make sure Caty had not taken off her seatbelt and discovered this.  How many people can run two tablets at the same
Lydia spent the night at her cousins house and so Caty did my nails while we watched a show with her.
 I did finish a crocheting project this week....I got Lydia's headband and scarf done.

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