Monday, February 17, 2014

Our Week - Week 38

We actually have a pretty calm week.  There's piano lessons, ballet, and a field trip on Friday to a Recycling Center.

This week is a regular school week.  Joey and Brayden will continue their Science unit on the Human Body.  They will both continue using Easy Peasy All in one Homeschool for Grammar and some Literature.  They both are actually working on their Reading unit.  Joey is reading the Lemonade War and Brayden is reading the first Boxcar Children.  Joey is still working on his Minecraft class on the Periodic Table of Elements.  Both boys will continue the Explorers class in our Homeschool with Minecraft online program.

Lydia is working on a Plant unit in science.  We are going to be working on Money in math and Reading we will be working on blends.  Lydia is struggling with blends.  She did a "tutoring" session with a friend of ours on Saturday.  She enjoyed it a lot.  We'll be doing that again this week also.  Lydia is also doing our Explorers class in Homeschool with Minecraft.

Caty is continuing in her Reading lessons.  She'll also be working on coins in Math.  In Science we are starting a unit on Living vs. Non-living.  She is using a fun program we are reviewing called Science 4 Us.  Our Berenstain Bear book this week is Helping those in Need.

Hope everyone has a fun week.  We are getting snow tonight, so had to move a field trip.  But I have plenty of to do this week, so going to enjoy a more of an "at home" week.

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