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Curiosity Quest DVD Combo Review

Vendor:  Curiosity Quest
Age recommendation - Ages 7 - 14

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a HUGE fan of using documentary materials with the kids.  Joe and I really enjoy watching the History channel, PBS Specials, etc.  We learn new things every time.  I hope we are showing the kids that learning is lifelong and not just for when you are a kid.  

I recently discovered Curiosity Quest shows on a field trip and fell in love.  I was super excited to get a chance to view more of the Curiosity Quest specials.

Curiosity Quest is a family television show that goes on quests to explore questions sent in by fans.  Joel Greene is the host and he goes out to answer viewers "letters of curiosity".  Unlike watching documentary shows on the cable channels, Curiosity Quest is written on a level that kids will understand.  

Each episode takes you on locations to learn more about various topics and answer questions that can range from baking bread to how Goodwill Inc. works. Curiosity Quest really encourages kids to explore their questions with hands-on learning.  

I really like the host Joel Greene.  He has such an upbeat personality.  He is funny and energetic, no matter what the topic.  Even if your child might not be interested in learning about a bakery, he'll make it seem very interesting.  Our kids love the Fun Facts that pop up throughout each episode and we make sure to quiz them on them.  I learn something new every time I watch an episode.

We were able to review two of the combo packs that Curiosity Quest offers.

The first pack was the DVD Combo Pack - Produce.  The combo pack include 3 full-length episodes.  This particular pack includes: Mushrooms, Orange Picking, and Cranberries.  

Joel Greene takes you straight to the farms where our food is coming from. He makes all the information exciting and interesting.  You will learn how mushrooms are grown for food and how they are picked and shipped to you.  How cranberries are grown and harvested.  And shows us how to pick oranges.

The other pack that we tried was the DVD Combo Pack - Swimmers of the Sea.  This combo pack includes 3 full-lengths on Salmon, Sea Turtles and Penguins.

In this DVD Joel takes you on an adventure to a Sea Turtle hospital in Florida, a Monterey Bay Aquarium to learn more about penguins, and then up to Alaska to learn about salmon at a Salmon Hatchery.  

How did our family use these?

Well Joey is working on a 4H project about local foods and the importance of purchasing as much as we can locally.  So the DVD Combo Pack - Produce was a great addition to this project.  He has not been on a local food farm yet, so he was able to learn more about one of his favorite pizza toppings....mushrooms.  (Oh and I got to learn more about that also.  Did not know that is how we get the mushrooms we buy in the store.).  The cranberry episode was very interesting, and since we won't get a chance to tour an orange farm or a cranberry farm where we live, was a great way to experience what it would be like to work on one.

DVD Combo Pack - Swimmers of the Sea was a fun watch for the girls and I.  The girls love turtles and penguins, so obviously these were favorites.  But I really liked the episode on Salmon.  This tied so well back to Joey's 4H project that I watched it with him too.  We both got to learn more about a fish that we enjoy eating and how the salmon is raised to help keep the salmon rates high.  The salmon episode also tied in a bit to our reading of American Girl - Kaya, since the Nez Perce relied on salmon.  Lydia and I could learn a little more about how we are able to eat this delicious fish still today.

All the episodes are a good length, usually about 20-25 minutes each, for short attention spans.  Like I mentioned earlier, the host Joel Greene is a favorite of mine in the way he keeps such an upbeat attitude.  I also enjoy how all ages, elementary through high school can use these videos and learn something.  Even myself as an adult was learning new things.  You can use these as tie-in to unit studies or just as a fun day video to encourage learning while playing a game or spending time together.

I HIGHLY recommend these packs from Curiosity Quest.  The DVD Combo Pack - Produce  and DVD Combo Pack - Swimmers of the Sea have been a great addition to our home.  I HIGHLY recommend all the Curiosity Quest DVD episodes.  We really enjoy all the episodes that we have seen and will continue using them.  

We really enjoy following Curiosity Quest on Facebook.  They love to get suggestions and keep you up to date on where they are heading and what episodes are now available.  

You can also check them out on their YouTube Channel.

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