Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Chicago History Museum

On our recent trip to the Windy City, after learning why Chicago has that nickname, we visited the Chicago History Museum.  We were wanting to see a cool exhibit on Al Capone.......well we didnt get that, but we did see some cool stuff!

 Chicago Hot dogs
 and Bicycles
 Oh my!

 Street cars

 And materials that survived the Great fire of Chicago.

 We did see a little bit about Prohibition....
 A display on the World's Fair
 and some modern "history" too.

 Chicago in films

 And the Trainyard of Chicago too.

 Can't tell she loves Food hats!!
 For a treat, we visited the two story Rock and Roll McDonalds

 Lydia loves the snow globe collection they had.

 They had a display of toys from the various decades.  It was fun for me to look at all the toys I used to play with.

 DOS....they had a DOS book!

 Cool artwork of the Beetles was outside.

This was a nice day.  A little long, lots of walking.  I would recommend a visit to the Chicago History Museum.  It had some very neat exhibits.  It's a great way to learn about the Chicago area without reading it all in books.

They had a great diorama section (which I couldn't get good pictures of).  Joey said it reminded him of Night at the Museum.  It wasn't always history, There were some small exhibits on Science as well.  Watch for specials on Groupon to purchase tickets at a discount.  That is how I got ours.

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