Sunday, September 21, 2014

Our Week - Week 16

What a week!!!  Some days I really pray for things to be boring.

Mondays are a little crazy because of Minecraft classes online.  We also have Lydia's horseriding in the evening.  We made it through classes, all meals were done, and we even survived horseriding with minimal issues.  It was really a long day though.  But as soon as we got home, Joey was looking forward to the promised episode of Dr. Who for his history class this week.

The girls played a game while we were watching

We got some exciting stuff in the mail....our quail eggs we are trying to hatch.

 Caty got her first Little Passports package.

With lots of help, Caty made dinner.  It was our Japanese theme dinner....we re-created Chicken Big bowl without the soy sauce.  The noodles we picked out were awful, but the sauce we made was good.
 Lydia really got into eating with chopsticks
 At horseback, Caty and I worked on origami while watching Lydia.  We watched a video that showed some Japanese restaurants doing this before dinner while waiting on food.  So we thought, hey we are waiting now, let's do some origami.
 She thought her butterfly was going to fly.

By Tuesday of this week, I really didn't think that this week was going to end.  Poor Joey was suffering some massive mood swings.  This was just a purely frustrating week ruled by Autism and Mood Disorders.  I felt like I was walking on eggshells because I never knew what was going to set him off.  Even Caty was just in the trying to keep Joey happy mind frame.  Some days were worse than others.

We did go and see the new movie, Dolphin Tale 2.  The kids absolutely loved it.  We met another homeschool family and minus some elderly in the audience....the theater was empty.  My favorite way to see a movie!!!

Joey didn't get a ton of academic work done, but we did try to sneak as much in as I possibly could.  We watched a lot of science shows and historical shows also.  He did learn about Queen Victoria for his Traveling through Time with Dr. Who class.  But essays were not able to be tackled, even with help from mom.

 He did manage to finish his self-portrait while we were watching a movie called Young Victoria.  This was actually too stressful for him this week.

 He had a good time bowling.
Lydia worked hard on reinforcing homophones this week.  I think she surprised herself knowing the answers.
 Another Japanese food project, Mochi sweet rice cakes.

Caty enjoyed learning about Japan.
 Caty is doing well on addition, so we started subtraction.  I let her have a little fun with candy this week.
 She also learned about Ants and bees this week in science.

 In art, we learned about Paul Klee.

This is her inside out watermelon.
 This is re-created his work of Cat and Bird.
 Using thick and thin lines, and crayons with markers.
 Lydia spent the week learning about sea turtles.  She wanted to make a model.  She made her own model magic and then started creating while watching the movie on sea turtles called Incredible Journey.

 We also picked pumpkins this week.

In a calm moment, playing a game with Caty.
 Didn't you know that office chairs are more comfortable like this?
 Teaching Caty how to make apple crisp.

Learning about bees.  We have so many around our house right now that she was able to find some dead ones to examine.

 Even Brayden got into it.
 And of course, there was dance class.

 We finished off the week playing mini-golf with daddy.

It was a rough week.  We did get a lot of stuff done though, so I am grateful for that.  Every time I try to make life less crazy, the opposite happens.  But if we work together, everything will keep running.

I think the favorites this week was going to see Dolphin Tale 2 (which I highly recommend) and of course playing golf with daddy.  They missed him this week.

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  1. Hope next week is calmer! Love seeing all the activities the kids are doing